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PossibleWorks is a performance appraisal software that can be used by CXOs and Senior HR professionals for performance reviews, appraisals and continuous feedback. Employee goals and performance to organizational objectives. Organizational growth can be accelerated with PossibleWorks as it is intuitive, interactive and configurable. It can be ensured that the performance of your team is in line with the objectives of your organization. Regular reviews can be provided to improve team performance in an agile manner. The progress of your team can be enabled with continuous feedback that can improve productivity. Value can be delivered across the hierarchy by PossibleWorks, that enables employees to build individual competencies, managers and HR teams to provide continuous feedback, and CEOs to drive organizational efficiency.
Kissflow Workflow is is a performance appraisal software that is extremely easy to use and onboard everyone. A comprehensive solution can be provided for continuous performance management. You can get a 360-degree view of employee performance metrics can be provided from your dashboard. Performance gaps and top performers can be identified by collecting, measuring, and managing employee performance data to reduce turnover. Managers have the option to initiate a performance improvement plan right from the review panel when employee performance slips up. Milestones of all employee can be captured accurately with automated alerts and configurable, visual-rich reports. A dynamic performance review process can be build with rule-based workflows and conditional accessibility.
Appreiz is a powerful employee engagement platform that help connecting social recognition and performance management to inspire your employees. It help recognize, reward and engage employees real-time and allows feedforward instead of feedback to motivate employees with positive language. Goals can be tracked, performance can be managed and employees can be engaged through gamification. You can motivate employees with peer recognition, on the spot awards and recognition based on values, competencies and skills and transform your company to a friendly workplace. Managers and team members can set the goals of team or individual and the progress can be tracked towards achieving them.

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