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Petrol Generator:

Petrol Generator is a better option for infrequent or temporary use to keep the lights on and get the job done.

Some facts about Petrol Generator:


  • Petrol Generator uses petrol as fuel to run their engine.
  • The chemical energy of petrol is converted into mechanical energy by petrol engines which is used to power a moving component known as a rotor to generate a moving magnetic field around a stationary component known as stator. Stator is a set of conductors wound in coils over an iron ore.
  • A voltage difference between the winding of the stators will be induced by this process producing electricity.
  • Only petrol can be used as fuel to run the generator engines in petrol generator where as the generator engine of a petrol generator can be operated on various fuels including natural gas, propane, diesel, petrol etc.
  • It is an ideal choice for anyone in emergency situation as petrol is easily available in fuel stations across the country.
  • A petrol generator can have power requirements as low as 2.1 kW or even less and going up as high as 500 kW and above depending on different model available in the market.
  • A generator will have a smaller petrol tank with low power output as compared to a generator with high power output as the size of the petrol tank is proportional to the output power capacity of the generator.
  • Portable petrol generators generally comes with wheels and handles which can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • Petrol gensets can be used as back up power supply to provide power to homes or businesses where power outages commonly occur. The smooth functioning of home or business appliances can be ensured by using a petrol generator.
  • They can also be used to supply power to machines and instruments at work sites where power supply from mainline is not accessible.
  • Petrol generators are quiet while operating and less harmful carbon dioxide fumes are produced when compared to diesel generators.
  • As petrol generators run hotter, they tend to break down faster than diesel generators.
  • You should never use a petrol generator indoors in order to protect you and others around you from carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Most petrol generators will have single phase. However, some larger generators are built with three phase energy that can be used on industrial or construction sites.
  • Having an AVR alternator is so important in a petrol generator to prevent unstable power supplies, making it perfectly safe to use with any electronic appliances
  • The maximum running times should be compared and not the fuel tank sizes, to get a realistic figure of how long a generator will run for. The more work you can get done when your generator can run for interrupted for longer period of time.
  • It should also have the right number and type of sockets for your requirements. A dual voltage switch can be included which allows you to switch between 230v and 110v as and when is needed.
  • A well built frame not only help reduce vibration and noise, but also protect the generator from the various things that are to be expected on professional work sites.

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