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Physiotherapy Equipment:

Physiotherapy equipment are used by physical therapists to treat different types of disabilities and diseases. Physiotherapy involves treatment of various diseases, disabilities and disorders using physical treatments that include evaluating, diagnosing and treating the diseases.
The primary purpose of using physiotherapy equipment are to accomplish daily routine work easily and painlessly. These can be used to cure different parts of the body for minor injuries, soft tissue injuries, and even more complicated or serious conditions. Regular use of physiotherapy equipment in a treatment can reduce or completely eliminate the pain. Function of the affected part of the body can be improved and the range of motion and the strength of the affected area can be increased.
Physiotherapy is a type of treatment use to improve the health and quality of life by doing exercise with various physiotherapy equipment. Massage, traction, joint mobilization, taping, or TENS are also recommended sometime along with exercising.

Types of Physiotherapy Equipment:

There are various kind of physiotherapy equipment used by the physical therapists for the treatment of many disease. This include:
Exercise equipment:
Exercise is one of the most important and common physical therapy for almost all disease. Some of the most common types of physiotherapy equipment used in most of the therapy clinics and hospitals are exercise bikes, pedal exerciser, treadmills etc.. These equipment are used to strengthen the bone and muscle. Many types of disorders and disabilities are treated using these equipment. Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is a type of physiotherapy equipment that looks similar to stationary bikes. But, UBE is used for strengthening the upper body, shoulders and arms where as stationary bikes are mainly used to strengthen the legs.   
Balance ball and chair:
The balance chair helps to keep the body and spine of the patient in proper alignment while performing exercises with the balance ball. The chair is designed in such a manner that it helps to prevent muscle strains while exercising with the balance ball.
Mobility equipment:
Mobility equipment such as staircase trainer and parallel bars are essential in physical therapy treatments which are used to improve strength, balance, mobility and coordination. Staircase trainer helps to improve strength and mobility of the lower part of the body, where as strength and range of motion can be improved by using parallel bars.
Trampoline is mainly used to strengthen the muscles of the legs. A mini portable trampoline will be helpful for a patient with leg injuries. It can be adjusted according to the requirements of the patients because of its adjustable inclines which is a an added advantage.
Hot and cold therapy equipment:
Hot and cold therapy equipment such as heating pads, cold compressors, standing and sitting whirlpools are used by the therapist to relieve pain from inflammation and arthritis. It can also improves post surgical recoveries. Standing and sitting whirlpools are used to heal and strengthen the limbs. Heating pads are used in these therapies to relieve pain where as cold compressors are used to reduce swelling of the elbows and knees.
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine, laser machines and Ultrasound machines are some of the other type of equipment that are used to relieve chronic pain.

Types of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy comes in different forms. This include Geriatric, pediatric, orthopedic physiotherapy and many more.
  • Geriatric physiotherapy is meant for older adults to treat age related disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, incontinence and loss of motion. Different types of physiotherapy equipment are used to provide customized programs that can relieve pain, improve mobility, and make daily activities easier and painless.
  • The main purpose of Pediatric physiotherapy is to  prevent, diagnose and treat different type of disorders in new born and young child. Some of the examples of this type of disorder include birth defects, developmental delays, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscle diseases etc.. In pediatric therapy, physiotherapy equipment are used for exercises to help the child regain strength and range of motion. These equipment also help them in improving motor skills and live a normal life.
  • Orthopedic Physiotherapy are done for the problems like back and neck pain, fractures, muscle strains, or sprains that affect your flexibility and range of motion. Balance and stretching exercises can be done with the help of physiotherapy equipment along with cryotherapy, massage, cold and heat therapy for this treatment.

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