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Plastic Processing Machines & Equipment:

Plastic Processing Machines, also known as plastic molding machinery is used for the molding of plastic semi-products or products.
These include compression molding machines, extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, calenders, rotational molding machines, foaming machines, etc.

Some facts about Plastic Processing Machines & Equipment:

  • Plastics are very versatile and it has thousands of polymer options, each with its specific mechanical properties
  • Certain general purpose machinery and equipment such as fluid and solid conveying, separation, crushing, grinding, and drying are often listed as plastic machinery as they also occupy an important position in the plastics processing industry.
  • Extruder machine, blow molding machine, injection molding machine, film blowing machine etc. are common types of plastic machinery .
  • Plastic machinery can be divided into four categories including plastic compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic secondary processing machinery, and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices according to the production process of plastic products.
  • Manufacture of various forms of plastic compounding materials can be done by using plastic compounding machinery, including kneaders,  pelletizers, plastic mixing machines (open mills and internal mixers), screening machines, crushers, and grinders.
  • The molding of plastic semi-products or products can be done by using plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic primary processing machinery, including compression molding machines, extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, calenders, rotational molding machines, foaming machines, etc. 
  • Reprocessing and post-processing of plastic semi-products or products can be done by using plastic secondary processing machinery, including thermoforming machines, heat sealing machines, welding machines, hot stamping machines, vacuum evaporation machines, flocking machines, printing machines, etc. 
  • Secondary processing of plastics can be done by using metal processing machine tools.
  • The plastic processing process can be rationalized by plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices, including automatic metering and feeding device, automatic scrap recycling device, injection mold quick replacement device, automatic injection molding product removal device, injection mold cooling machine, automatic thickness measurement device, and raw materials transportation and storage equipment, etc.
  • These auxiliary machinery or devices are indispensable part of modern plastic processing automation.
  • The perfection of plastic machinery must be able to adapt to changes in temperature and stress during plastic compounding and processing, as well as the resulting changes in the properties of molten materials as the quality, output, and cost of plastic semi-products or products gets directly affected by the perfection of plastic machinery.
  • It also adapt to chemical corrosion and special conditions such as mechanical wear.
  • A complete sets for product production purposes including high-speed; automation to improve the production efficiency of products;  labor saving; to ensure the precision of product specifications and quality with the smallest error; low energy consumption, less space, easy and safe operation, and maintenance is required for the specialization of plastic grades, the development of engineering plastics, the development of large-scale, the emergence of composite materials, lightweight, and thin-walled plastic product structures.
  • Poor flow including include sticking, blocking, and segregation can occur when handling the bulk plastic resin, pellets, pastille, and granules.
  • The same technology of rubber machinery and metal die-casting machine are used by Plastics Machinery .
  • Injection molding and extrusion molding has become the most common industrialized processing method with the gradual commercialization of plastic molding equipment.
  • Blow molding  is also the fastest development of plastic molding method which is the third largest plastic molding method after the injection molding and extrusion blow molding method.
  • Injection and molding methods are used in plastic injection molding machine. A  variety of plastic products molding equipment are used in plastic injection molding of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.

Types of Plastic Processing Machines & Equipment:

Plastic Processing Machines & Equipment are divided into three categories including extruder, injection molding machine, and blow molding machine according to the processing technology.

Extruder Machines:

The molten plastic is extruded by the extruder machine through a fixed shaped extrusion port under the action of a screw and cuts it after being shaped by water cooling under the action of a tractor.
Extruder machine is mainly used for the production of various products with the same cross section, such as rods,  pipes, and profiled materials.
Plastic modification and granulation can also be done by using Extruder machine.
The plastic extruder is called the host, and its follow up equipment are called the plastic auxiliary equipment in a plastic extrusion machine. Plastic extruder are derived from single screw, twin screw, multi screw or no screw and other models.
Various plastic products can be produced by plastic extruder that can match with the  monofilament, flat, crowded network, sheet material, packing tape, pipe, film, holding materials, profile, granulation, cable coating and other kinds of plastic molding auxiliary equipment, that are composed of a variety of plastic extrusion production lines.

Injection Molding Machines:

Molten plastic is injected into the mold by the injection molding machine, and the product becomes the product after cooling.
It has a wide range of uses depending on the type of plastic, The place of use is also different.
The most used processing machine in the plastic processing industry is the injection molding machine and a large number of products can be directly produced by the injection molding machine.
It is also a key equipment for the injection stretch blowing process.
 Injection Moulding are used to make high volume of plastic parts like car parts or even parts for surgical applications. The moulds used in this process can be very expensive as they need to be made of steel or aluminium for higher strength and durability.
The  liquid or resin are placed inside the mould and then they are rotated at high speeds in Rotational Moulding.  A hollowed part with all the walls evenly thick will be created by covering the entire surface of the mould with the liquid . It is then taken out of the mould as the liquid plastic has taken its new form after the mould is cooled.

Blow Molding Machines:

Manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products is done by using Blow molding.
Tube films and hollow containers are the main products.
The preformed product can be plasticized by the blow molding machine by heating, and then enter the mold to blow molding. 
This method is widely used for high-speed and high-yield PET bottles.
The production of BOPP bottle is a two step process.
Blow molding can be combined with the injection molding process to become an injection stretch blow integrated machine, which is also a common method for the manufacturing of PET containers.
Blow molding process can also be combined with the extrusion process.
Extrusion Blow molding equipment has many applications and can produce more products including multilayer composite films and various polyolefin hollow containers, which are mostly used in the food, medicine, and cosmetics industries.
Plastic blow molding machine is ideal for when the plastic part has to have uniform wall thickness. the raw plastic is heated until it becomes liquid and then air is injected into it like a balloon.
Products like plastic bottles, drums, cases and even fuel tanks can be produced by using blow moulding.
The melted plastic is injected directly into a custom mould in injection moulding. The mould is filled and a solid part is made as the injection is under high pressure. The plastic is cooled after the mould is filled as to keep its new shape and then the mould is opened.

Film Blowing Machines:

The plastic particles are heated and melted by the film blowing machine and then blown into a film.
PE, POF, and many types of film blowing machines are available.
The new material will be blown out with the new particles, the color is uniform, clean, and the bag stretches well. 
Recycled plastic bags are used by some people to make particles which are usually called old materials.
They are usually gray when they are made into particles.
Pigments are usually added to make the bags unevenly colored, brittle, and easy to break while making bags.
The price is also less.
Although it is a recycled plastic bag, there is a huge difference between the waste bag in the bag making process and the garbage plastic.
Temperature (machine temperature, indoor temperature), two spirals, and three cooling systems are the three most important factors in the work of the film blowing machine.

Rotational Moulding Machine:

Car parts, bins, kayaks, road cones, pet houses and storage tanks are some of the big and hollow parts made in Rotational Moulding. The tooling costs associated with rotational moulding are lower than other methods like injection and blow moulding. So, this method is suitable for lower start-up costs and more effective production costs even at low volume production.
The raw liquid plastic is poured into a heated mould and then compressed together to form the desired shape in Compression Moulding. A good strength can be ensured in the final product because of the high temperature of the entire process.

Examples of Plastic Processing Machines & Equipment:

PVC Machines:

  • PVC Machines are mainly used in the manufacturing of PVC, uPVC and CPVC pipe which are commonly used for plumbing and drainage.
  • PVC pipes are a commonly replaced by metal pipes because of its strength, durability, easy installation, and low cost.
  • Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a thermoplastic material that are used to create pipes by molding it into different shapes.
  • PVC pipe and fittings are usually white or dark gray in color.
  • PVC pipe is often used for unheated water as well as for vent and drainage systems.
  • A series of chemicals are introduced to one another to achieve the shape and solidity of a PVC pipe.
  • Chlorine and ethylene are heated under pressure and are introduced to make vinyl chloride monomer resulting is a long chain of polyvinyl chloride polymer which is a plastic.
  • The polymerized plastic called as thermoplastic PVC powder is compounded. It is then melted and molded into piping to create a tube of PVC plastic.  
  • PVC is very solid and rigid as a result of the chemical process.
  • PVC plastic is introduced through a double screw stem extruder or a parallel double screw extruder in the process of manufacturing PVC pipes. The thickness of the PVC hose wall is determined by molding.
  • The diameter of the pipe is made by the PVC pipe extruder which varies from one half inch to twenty four inches in diameter.
  • Twenty meters per minute is the  production speed of the standard PVC pipe extruder. The PVC tubing can be divided into sections of individual pipes by employing a ring cutting machine at the end of the assembly line.
  • The PVC pipes which are are cooled and racked are sent for final inspection, labeling, and shipping in the warehouse.   
  • PVC is the preferred material for plumbing and underground wiring as it is less likely to break during earthquakes, and can withstand more pressures than many metals.

PET Machine:

  • PET Machine is generally used to manufacture plastic bottles or other hollow shapes.
  • Polyethylene terephthalate, also called PET, is a type of clear, strong, lightweight and 100percent recyclable plastic.
  • PET can be used to make our beverage bottles as it is 100 percent recyclable, versatile and is made to be remade.
  • PET is not single use unlike other types of plastic.
  • PET bottles and containers are generally melted down and spun into fibres for fibrefill or carpets.
  • PET can be recycled into its original uses, when collected in a suitably pure state as the polymer can be down into its chemical precursors for resynthesizing into PET.
  • Blow molding is a manufacturing process that can be used in  PET Machine for forming and joining together hollow plastic parts.
  • Generally, extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding are three main types of blow molding.

Blowing Machines:

  • Blowing Machines is a machine that is used for blowing bottles.
  • Blowing Machines is one of the most useful machine in which air is blown into a parison to bring the hollow bottle in a perfect shape as it inflates.
  • The extrusion blow molding process is used to produce plastic bottles of various sizes and shapes . These bottles are used by many people daily for water, soda, cleaning products, food, and more.
  • Low pressure air of around 25 to 150 psi is forced into a parison in this process.
  • Low Density Polypropylene (LDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), and Polypropylene (PP) are some of the materials that are used in making of these bottles.

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