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Portable Generator:

Portable Generator is device which is used to provide temporary electrical power by using a gas or diesel power.

Some facts about Portable Generator:

  • A small turbine is turned by the engine, which in turn creates usable electricity up to a certain level of wattage.
  • The electrical appliance or tools can be plugged directly into the sockets of the generator or the generator can be also be professionally wired into the sub-panel of a home.
  • A portable generator can be used by many construction teams to power tools and lights at a remote site.
  • It can be used by sports officials to aid in night play or to run an electronic timer or scoreboard.
  • A portable generator is used in residents and businesses to keep vital appliances operating incase of power failure.
  • A portable generator must have several regulators on board as it uses a combustion engine to generate electricity.
  • A governor is used by a portable generator in order to control engine speed which mechanically keeps the engine from spinning too fast.
  • A voltage regulator is also used to keep electric motors from burning as it keeps the output at 120 volts
  • A portable generator must be operated under dry conditions in a ventilated outdoor area for safety reasons.
  • Indoor use of a portable generator is strongly discouraged regardless of the ventilation system as there is possibilty of building up of carbon monoxide fumes from the exhaust of the generator's engine.
  • Built-in carbon monoxide detectors are included in some models that automatically shut down the generator before levels become deadly.
  • Touching a working portable generator with wet hands should be avoided as it can cause electrocution.
  • The generator can be protected from the elements by placing a canopy over it. However, the ground below it should be dry.
  • The amount of power is indicated by ratings on portable generators which is measured by watts. The key measurement is total wattage of the portable generator. so, the generator needs to produce an equal or higher amount of wattage ratting in order to work safely.
  • You can power up more items if the watt is more. Running watts and Starting watts are two different types of watts used in any electrical appliances.
  • The continuous watts produced to keep the power running is the running watts where as, the extra power required to start larger motor-driven appliances and equipment, or power multiple items at one time is the starting watts .
  • You should  estimate the amount of energy you will need to power essential equipment as insufficient voltage could produce either a utility brown out or even damage the items you are trying to power up.
  • A portable generator that is equipped with a series of outlets can be used to power everything from extension cords to power tools to appliances
  • Accessories such as generator covers, cords, cables, and adaptors can help provide ways to expand the use of your generator, as well as protect your investment depending on power requirements and how often you plan to use your unit.
  • Chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy by burning gas to rotate the alternator, which induces an electrical current in a portable generators. The resulting AC current can then be used to supply power through the exterior outlets of the generator
  • It is advisable to store your generator in a dry place that is easily accessible. You can keep the tank empty when storing for longer than a few weeks

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