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PPC Cement:

PPC Cement, also known as Portland Pozzolana Cement is manufactured by grinding Portland cement clinker, gypsum and a Pozzolana such as fly ash together intimately. Portland cement and fine Pozzolana can also be blended intimately and uniformly to produce PPC cement.

Some facts about PPC Cement:


  • The mixture of limestone and clay are grinded together and then heated at a temperature of 1,450 degree centigrade resulting in a granular substance called clinker to produce cement.
  • Cement is a major component of any construction work that forms a high percentage of overall costs. This is why it is important to know how to choose the right one from the different types of cement.
  • The addition of Pozzolana in PPC cement makes it different from other type of cements. Fly ash sourced from thermal power plants is the most common source of Pozzolana which is a siliceous or siliceous and aluminous material.
  • Moisture reacts with fly ash to form compounds that provide additional strength in PPC cement.
  • 15 to 35 percent by weight of cement can be added as fly ash as per Indian Standards.
  • It has better ability of concrete to resist the fluid pass through it with a pressure differential.
  • Higher resistance to water, lower heat of hydration, easier to work with on site and improved resistance to chemicals are some of the benefits of PPC.
  • PPC is usually darker in colour than OPC due to presence of fly ash.
  • Fly ash is cheaper to procure if the source is near to the cement plant.
  • PPC is a blended cement consisting of 15 to 35 percent of pozzolanic material, 4 percent of gypsum and clinker.
  • The concrete made with PPC cement is more impermeable and denser as cementatious compounds are formed by the reaction of the pozzolanic material with calcium hydroxide which is released by the hydrating Portland cement.
  • Portland Pozzolana cements has  less initial setting strength but hardens over time
  • The concrete can be protected against alkali aggregate reaction by using PPC cement.
  • It can be used in the construction of hydraulic structures, marine works, mass concreting etc.
  • It is also suitable to be used in applications like masonry mortars and plastering.
  • The cost of PPC is less compared to OPC. It has better durability and workability.
  • The manufacturing process of PPC cement is difficult.
  • PPC cement is recommended if you are looking for high durability and workability.
  • PPC cement can be used in mass concrete work like dams, huge foundations, and building near sea shore, reservoirs and in other marine works as it is highly resistant to sulphate attacks.
  • PPC cement is eco friendly materials. Highly durable concrete can be produced by using PPC cement as it has low water permeability compared to OPC

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