Pressure Pipes

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Pressure Pipes:

Pressure Pipe is a type of pipe that is used to contain fluid at high pressure.
The force or strength that is used to push water through pipes or other pathways and is created by altitude or height is known as water pressure

Some facts about Pressure Pipes:


  • Pressure pipes are often buried underground. However, some UV protection is required in case they are stored above ground and exposed for certain period of time to sunlight.
  • Pressure pipes that are used above ground require long-term UV resistance.
  • Carbon black can be used for pressure pipes for increased UV light absorption and weathering.
  • Pressure pipes that are used in sewage disposal and water supply should have the ability to withstand both high internal and external pressures.
  • PVC piping solution is the best choice for high-pressure applications as these are quite strong and durable and does not bend under pressure.
  • Smoother wall surfaces can be provided by PVC pipes that help reduces fluid friction and resistance to flow.
  • However, PVC pipes cannot be used for hot water applications as it will warp when exposed to hot water.
  • CPVC pipes is also a good material for Pressure Pipes like PVC as it has the ability to handle high water pressure.
  • The edges and nodes of a water supply systems are pressure pipes whose function is to provide potable water to the end-users with a sufficient pressure level
  • High-pressure gases can also be transported through pressure-piping.
  • High-pressure pipe or tubing can also be used for hydraulic circuits in which special threading or fittings are required to connect circuit components.
  • Prestressed concrete pressure pipes can be made to withstand higher pressures by increasing the number of turns of prestressing wire per unit length or by doubling up the layer of prestressing wire.
  • These pipes are proof against certain corrosive conditions that would otherwise attack iron and steel. However, some special protection is required if the groundwater is high in sulphates and chlorides.
  • The pipes may need to be cathodically protected in very aggressive cases.
  • The pressure pipe made of polyethylene is strong, durable and can be used in high temperature environments.
  • The expected lifetime of a polyethylene pressure pipe is at least 50 years at an underground temperature of 20°C
  • It does not corrode, not get rusted and not get affected by microorganisms like algae or fungi.
  • It is highly resistant to most chemicals, including acids, alkalis, fermentation products, mineral oils, detergents and tension depressants.
  • A polyethylene pressure pipe is flexible which makes the pipe fatigue resistant.
  • A polyethylene pressure pipe has minimal environmental impact as the pipe material does not leach any chemicals to the ground, neither does it release any toxins to the air during production or heat fusion.
  • The manufacturing of polyethylene pressure pipe is very easy by using up less energy than other types of pipes. The material can also be recycled back to manufacture.
  • These are easy to transport, as the pipes are lightweight compared to metal pipes.
  • Heat fusion can be used in joining pipes as the pipes are longer and fewer fittings required.

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