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Pipefy is a process management platform that helps you ensure requisitions and purchase orders are being processed quickly and accurately. Your accounting software or other legacy tools can be integrated to scale your operation. Full control and visibility of your procurement operations can be gained with Pipefy. An error proof procurement operation can be build with digital workflows that reduce the risk of human error. Needs and control demands can be identified through optimized workflows. The sharable forms can be centralized in a single portal so that struggle of managing multiple tools and dispersed requests can be stopped. Error proof forms can be created to collect all required data to quick start your purchase process
Procure to Pay software
Procure to Pay software is an easy to use and maintain cloud based software that is ideal for small and medium sized enterprises to efficiently manage the RFQ, quotation, requisition, purchase order, inventory, receiving, and QC process. Approvals for requisition, supplier invoicing, and more can be easily defined. Request can be send for quotation to select suppliers for items. Requisition can be raised for items both from web and mobile. You can check fund availability, and get requisition approved. Invoices can be generated and approved based on hierarchy, advance invoices and more. Single or batch payments can be created and approved as well as bank files can be generated. All of the relevant employee details can be captured and attendance can be uploaded through mobile app or Excel and CSV file.
WebReq is a corporate web based solution for purchase to pay processes. It include purchase requisitions, electronic approvals, receipting, and supplier invoicing. Efficiencies, visibility and control of your spend can be increased. Financial processes can be streamlined and mountains of paperwork can be reduced. The software can be seamlessly integrated with your business and accounting systems. Administration costs across the board can be reduced. WebReq is available either as a cloud based solution or on-premise. Automated emailing of purchase orders to suppliers, Supplier invoicing reading, Seamless integration to multiple financial systems and auto allocation are some of the key features of WebReq.

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