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Professional Dental Supplies:

Dental products are specially fabricated materials, designed for use by a periodontist, dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, or an oral surgeon. Many different types of dental products are available. Their characteristics vary according to their intended purpose.
  • Dental Disposables are single-use dental supplies that are considered staples.
  • Dispensers provide unparalleled convenience and safety for solutions, pellets, sponges, and infection control rolls.
  • Cutting-edge technology is used by Endodontists for treatments. The technology must be complemented by quality single-use dental supplies to deliver a superior patient experience.
  • Infection control is the highest priority for dental profession. Purified cotton products and industry-leading dispensers can be used by dental professionals.
  • Moisture Abatement Pad provide superior absorption and illumination for a variety of procedures.

Types of Dental products:

Temporary dressing:

 A dental filling that is not intended to last in the long term is known as a temporary dressing. They are interim materials which may have therapeutic properties. If root canal therapy is carried out over more than one appointment, a common use of temporary dressing can be done.


Dental cements are used  to bond indirect restorations such as crowns to the natural tooth surface. Examples include:
  • Zinc Oxide cement, which is a self setting and harden when in contact with saliva.
  • Zinc Phosphate cement
  • Zinc Polycarboxylate cement, which Adheres to enamel and dentin.
  • Glass Ionomer cement
  • Resin based cement
  • Cupper based cement

Impression materials:

Dental impressions are negative imprints of teeth and oral soft tissues from which a positive representation can be cast. They are used in prosthodontics, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, dental implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery.  The impression material used must have a suitable property  to obtain an accurate impression. Impression materials are of liquid or semi-solid when first mixed, then set hard in a few minutes, leaving imprints of oral structures.
Common products that are used as impression materials are:
  • plaster of Paris
  • zinc oxide eugenol
  • agar

Lining materials:

Dental lining materials are used during restorations of large cavities. These are placed between the remaining tooth structure and the restoration material. It forms a barrier-like structure to protect the dentinal tubules and the sensitive pulp.
Types of dental lining materials which are used include:
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Polycarboxylate cement
  • Glass ionomer
  • Zinc oxide eugenol

Restorative materials:

Dental restorative materials are used to replace tooth structure loss, usually due to dental cavities. But these can also restore tooth wear and dental trauma. These materials may be used for cosmetic purposes to alter the appearance of an individual's teeth.

Direct restorative materials:

Direct restorations  are placed directly into a cavity on a tooth, and shaped to fit. Different types of Direct restorative materials that are used include:
  • Amalgam
  • Composite resin
  • Glass ionomer cement
  • Resin modified glass-ionomer cement (RMGIC)
  • Compomers
  • Cermets

Indirect restorative materials:

Indirect restorations are ones where the tooth or teeth to receive the restoration are first prepared, then a dental impression is taken and sent to a dental technician who fabricates the restoration according to the dentist's prescription.

Acrylic polymers:

Acrylics are used in the fabrication of dentures, impression trays, artificial teeth,  maxillofacial / orthodontic appliances and temporary (provisional) restorations. However, they can lead to pulpitis and periodontitis as they may generate heat and acids during (setting) curing, and in addition they shrink. So, these can not be used as tooth filling materials.

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