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Promena e-Sourcing
Promena e-Sourcing is a SaaS based solutions that can be used by companies who are looking for easily implemented, cloud and on-Demand eSourcing solution for procurement processes that include Supplier Base Management, E-Sourcing, E-Procurement and Spend Analysis modules. Your procurement process can be transformed, competition can be provided, transparency and efficiency can be improved by leveraging the intuitive and modern UX/UI design of Promena. Costs, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters can be efficiently improved within your supply chain can be provided with Promena. Absentee Bidding, Alerts/Notifications, Auction Management, Audit Trail, Bid Management, Budget Management, Cataloging/Categorization, Collaboration Tools, Fixed Asset Management, Live Auction, Membership Management, Online Auction, Online Bidding, Performance Metrics and Purchase Order Management are some of the features that can be included in Promena e-Sourcing.
ProcurementExpress.com is a simple Purchasing software that can be used by companies to create purchase requests on the go that can get approved by pre-defined approvers from any device. All relevant comments and docs can be managed for reporting and auditing by attaching to the PO. Spending mistakes can be eliminated and you can keep team members accountable for company card purchasing. Budgets can be viewed and managed in real time for insightful decision making for each purchase. Accurate reports can be drawn with a click of a button for the accountant. Managing invoices becomes easy as invoices can be stored at one platform. Data can be accessible from anywhere.
Spendwise is an easy to use online system that helps you control spending saving you time and money. Users will be able to create purchase orders, submit them for approval, approve or reject them, and also send them directly to vendors. A track of items and bills received from vendors can also be kept by the users. You don't have to install software as it is web based and you can access it from anywhere. Cataloging/Categorization, Compliance Management, Contract/License Management, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Management, Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Management, Receiving/Putaway Management, Requisition Management, Sourcing Management, Spend Management and Supplier Management are some of the features that can be included in Spendwise.

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