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TOP PRODUCER is an all in one CRM that can be used by eal estate agents and teams. Real time insights can be provided from your MLS to buyers, sellers, past clients, and sphere. Information can be given about about their for-sale property, new listings, price changes, neighborhood trends, and sold data. Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Calendar Management, Campaign Management, Client/Property Matching, Commission Management, Contact Management, Critical Date Alerts, CRM, Document Management, Email Marketing, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management and Listing Management are some of the features of TOP PRODUCER.
Cloud CMA
Cloud CMA is a cloud based real estate management solution that can be used by businesses to create CMA reports, buyer tours, property reports, flyers, and more. Reports can be compared, leads can be generated, listing presentations can be created and what-if scenarios can be added. It is a comparative market analysis tool for REALTORS that will help with beautifully branded, customizable reports that include data straight from the MLS and top websites write more offers and win more listings. Property valuations can be given in very less time. Custom branding and page options are available to help tailor the report to your clients. Files and pictures can be stored instead of putting them on a drive. Lead Capture, Market Charts, Presentation Tools and Proposal Generation and Templates are some of the features of Cloud CMA.
Redfin is a real estate CMA tool that can be used by businesses to receive market updates, compare rates, and calculate payments to buy/sell properties. Listing properties, uploading 3D walkthroughs, calculating affordability, finding inspectors, and more can be done by using this software. All residential real estate information can be searched by inputting a few key details and a few clicks. Lead Capture, Market Charts, Price Forecasting and Proposal Generation are some of the features of Redfin. It is easy to use , has a user friendly user interface and has a lot of postings online.

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