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Jira is software development tool used by agile teams to manage every stage of their workflow, from planning to shipping and releasing. Teams can ladder up their work to track the big picture with native roadmaps. The no-code automation engine of Jira allows teams to save time and increase power by automating any task or process with a few clicks. User stories and issues can be created, sprints can be planned, and tasks can be distributed across your software team. Work of your team can be prioritized and discussed in full context with complete visibility. Team performance can be improved based on real time, visual data that your team can put to use.
FinAlyzer is an easy to use platform for financial consolidation, close, analytics and reporting. Reporting such as integrated group reporting, legal & management consolidation & segment-wise profitability reporting can be accelerated. Your financial data can be seamlessly converted in to accurate and actionable business insights. Goal monitoring & timely alerts can be provided. Financial consolidation and statutory reporting including IFRS, US GAAP, IRDAI, Ind AS, Fund Reporting can be reduced. Multi reporting function can be addressed under single consolidation platform. Access Controls/Permissions, Audit Trail, Budgeting/Forecasting, Cash Management, Consolidation/Roll-Up, Customizable Dashboard, Data Connectors, Data Import/Export, Drag & Drop, Financial Reporting, Forecasting, General Ledger, Income & Balance Sheet, Marketing Reports and Multi-Company are some of the features that can be included in FinAlyzer.
StoryPulse is a Closed Loop Learning & Assessment Platform (CLLAP) that provides innovative methods to capture field data and synchronize with back-end CRM platforms. Gamification and game based approaches can be leveraged to make learning and educating customers a fun and engaging activity. Productivity can be increased by learning on the go and downtime can be reduced. Lead cycles can be shorten by educating customers faster and sales can be increased. Your customers can be better engaged with gamification. Customer service can be improved by understanding the needs of each customer. Voice of the Customer Programs, Field Inventory Capture, Compliance Courses, Customer Education & Engagement etc can be included in the use cases.

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