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A router is a networking device that communicates between the internet and the devices in your home that connect to the internet such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, thermostats, smart TVs, and more. It routes traffic between the devices and the internet by sending data through the internet, such as a web page or email in the form of data packets. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different IP networks. The router reads the information of network address in the packet header to determine the final destination when a data packet comes in on one of the lines. Then it directs the packet to the next network  using information in its routing table.
Home and small office routers are the most common type of router that forward IP packets between the home computers and the Internet.
The common Wi-Fi router is actually a combination device that includes a network switch, a network router and a Wi-Fi access point. You can use Wi-Fi without a router. But in many cases it is impractical and can cost more. Routers can also act like a bridge for several smaller networks in the same building or general area for cross-device communication. A Wi-Fi network without a router will not be able to communicate with other networks as a single entity.

Types of Routers:

There are two types of router. These include:
Wireless routers:
A wireless router connects directly to a modem by a cable. This allows it to receive information from the internet and also transmit information to the internet. The router communicates with your home Wi-Fi network using built-in antennas. This way all of the devices on your home network gets internet access.
Wired routers:
A wired router connects directly to computers through wired connections. Usually they have one port that is connected to the modem to communicate with the internet and another port that allows the wired router to connect to computers and other devices to distribute information.

Things to be consider before purchasing a Router:

Consider the below factors before purchasing a router that better fits your needs
Wi-Fi coverage:
The size of the home matters a lot when it comes to Wi-Fi signals within a home. The barriers such as fireplaces, mirrors, and thick walls in your home can prevent signals from reaching their destinations. These are some of the obstacles that block Wi-Fi signals. Therefore, choose a router that has the capability to reach all the corners of your home. Also, you should look for one that has a mesh network to extend the Wi-Fi capabilities across the home.
Wi-Fi performance:
Choose a router that uses the latest technology and has updated firmware. Wi-Fi routers that can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, can decreases the wait time and improves network speed.
Wi-Fi security:
As there is chances that cybercriminals can hack your home network and install malware and viruses in your devices, choose a router that provides network level protection. It could help protect against cyberattacks at the port of entry. Also, look for a router that has built-in security features, like automatic updates, device quarantine, and signed firmware updates.
Wi-Fi controls:
As routers are they important part of a home network, make sure you buy a router that you can control easily. The latest routers are easy to install and use. Some of them comes with user-friendly application that help you with guest networks, parental controls, user time limits, and network management. Make sure you get to know all the features of your new router, when you are setting up a new router in your home or upgrading an existing one.

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