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BigSpring is a skilling platform that can be used by business leaders to measure the ROI of learning. It can also be used by mid-market & enterprise organizations to address top challenges faced by business leaders by connecting training to business impact. ROI from learning can be measured by enterprises to establish the platform as a core business driver since it can equips people with market relevant skills to remain job ready. Learning can be rapidly deployed at pace with dynamic business environment of today to anyone from HQ to the last mile by mobile-first approach of BigSpring. It is a mobile based software which help you to learn market relevant skill and increase your skills.
MindTickle is a Sales Coaching Software that can deliver revenue impacting outcomes, grow revenue and maximize brand value for you. You will gain the ability to develop, coach and improve the performance of your sales reps independent of their location by leveraging this comprehensive data driven sales readiness platform. Sales ramp can be reduced, competitive win rates as well as deal sizes can be increased with MindTickle. You can directly tie sale enablement impact to revenue as sales capabilities can be correlated to business outcomes. Your programs can be monitored and reported through analytics and reporting. Scalable custom solutions can be designed and developed to address your business needs. is a coaching platform for sales that automatically records and analyzes every customer conversation. The software can be used by sales and service organizations that sell over phone or web conference to improves the skills of their reps. You can turn good reps into great reps by manager coaching. Reps take improvement into their own hands by self-coaching. You can swap best practices and talk tracks that close deals by peer coaching. Archiving & Retention, Assessment Management, Call Recording, Call Tagging, Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Competitive Analysis, Content Management, Contextual Guidance, Correlation Analysis, Dashboard, Data Management, Event Triggered Actions, File Transfer and Meeting Management are some of the features that can be included in

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