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Orbidal is a Sales Enablement Software that combines technology with expert strategy and best practices so that businesses can grow sustainably in competitive markets. Sales outcomes for ambitious B2B enterprises can be increased by providing relevant opportunities, proposal templates and market insights. A review of your tender documents can be provided before you make your final submission to the buyer. the software can be used in the legal, recruitment and professional services sectors. Proposals can be written and reviewed by articulating your business and value proposition so that it is understandable and compelling to buyers and their evaluators. Collaboration Tools, Content Delivery, Content Management, For Sales Teams/Organizations, Progress Tracking, RFP Management, Templates and Workflow Management are some of the features that can be included in Orbidal.
TextExpander is a shortcut typing tool that can be used by organizations to manage repeated writing tasks, create snippets, correct spellings, share content, and more. You can keep your team consistent, accurate, current, and working efficiently by using TextExpande. Shortcuts and abbreviations of TextExpander can be used to streamline and speed up everything you type. Snippets can be created to save your time so that all you type is a short abbreviation, and the rest of the typing for you can be done by TextExpander. You can keep your team communicating efficiently and with consistent language. Messaging snippets, descriptions and signatures can be shared with all team members who works on projects with you.
PandaDoc is a sales enablement software that can be used by sales teams to sell efficiently and to increase overall productivity. Visibility into the critical stage of the sales cycle can be provided. It can automate workflows, track team activity in real time and much more. PandaDoc can be natively integrated with more than 25 top business tools, including more than a dozen CRMs. Your workflows of sales can be streamlined by tracking detailed document analytics, automating tedious tasks and building stunning sales collateral. The time taken to create, approve, and send digital documents can be reduced to keep teams moving fast. Personalized documents can be automated by pulling in prospect data from your CRM and having it sync into your documents.

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