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Teachmint is a leading education infrastructure provider that can be used by schools and educators to transform their teaching-learning experience. Innovative and powerful SaaS solutions like Learning Management System (LMS), integrated ERP for schools and automated classroom tools for teachers can be provided for education providers to stay connected with students, overcome geographical barriers and increase their efficiency in delivering lessons. Every need of your school can be managed on a single platform. An inspiring learning experience can be provided with digital interaction between students and teachers. Study material, videos and assignments can be shared. End-to-end school management can be provided with Key analytics and insights, End-to-end ERP solutions, Parent engagement and Dedicated support manager. Teachers can share e-learning material, record classes, automate evaluation. Students can access e-learning material, revise using classroom recordings. Administrators will be able to track and improve quality of education with insightful analytics from our integrated LMS & ERP.
NLET School Management
NLET School Management is a system that can be used by educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, training and coaching institutions, etc to simplify the day to day school management process like attendance, , online examination, library, payroll, fee, online classroom management and many more. It is cloud-based school software with more than 60 modules that help assist to make faster and better decisions to increase the productivity of the school. The School management system handles every process efficiently from managing bulk data to improving the collaboration between parents and teachers. A robust student fee management solution can be provided for automating, simplifying and enhancing fee collection to drive efficiency and reduce costs. Admissions can be effectively managed along with basic student data, emergency contact numbers, academic records, fee details and documentation requested or pending, etc. Comprehensive examination experience can be provided to students and teachers by conducting an interesting and interactive examination like a real class environment.
Lynx is a complete solution that can be used bychool district transportation departments, transportation contractors and elderly/special needs transportation providers to manage transportation. Route management and consolidation and optimization, boundary planning, live weather overlays, live traffic flow overlays, field trips, vehicle maintenance, editable route maps, rider management and your own personal Lynx advisor is included in this software for managing transportation departments. Lynx can be fully integrated with all major student information systems. The development and deployment of market leading manned and autonomous systems can be acclerated by working collaboratively with customers, partners, and stakeholders in the delivery of industry leading, safety-critical and secure platform technologies. Cost Tracking, Dispatch Management, Driver Management, Field Trip Management, Fuel Tracking, GPS, Maintenance Scheduling, Parent Portal, Parts Management, Repair Tracking, Route Optimization, Scheduling, Service History, Student Information/Records and Territory Management are some of the features that can be included in Lynx.
FleetLocate is an asset & trailer management solution that can be used by small to medium businesses and BHPH leaders, web and mobile based solution to help manage and streamline several fleet operations on a single platform using GPS tracking system. FleetLocate is a user-friendly, yet powerful fleet management solution that helps businesses with real time visibility, automated checks and detention management. The rich data of FleetLocate including simple GPS vehicle tracking to affordable ELD compliance is the backbone that drives fleet intelligence, productivity, and profitability. Any vehicle type including light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles are supported by our FL360 is a modular GPS tracking device. You can get access to video recordings from anywhere. Liability risk can be reduced as detailed view of distracted driving events are also available. You can also encourage safe driving, reduce insurance premiums, and reduce costs of claims. It can be integrated with GM and Ford technology for convenient tracking without extra installs.
Redlist is a cloud-based software with a field-friendly mobile app that can be used by Crane and Heavy Haul, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Fleet, Oil & Gas, Construction, Food and Beverage, Asset Management, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Manufacturing, Lube Management. The user's data can be united across multiple departments. Old paper processes can be replaced by these solutions for streamlined real time data and the power of data to drive growth and increase savings. Field services & dispatch, asset maintenance and reliability, health safety and environmental, and lubrication management can be modernized by using Redlist. Accountability among your teams can be improved as the Redlist platform combines your field service, maintenance and safety operations into a single unified solution. Users access to customer information, maintenance tasks & more can be offered by Redlist's mobile app even without service. So, you can drive team adoption by getting everyone on the same page.
Loqqat is a safety focused school bus tracking solution that is combined with mobile application and is available in both Android and iOS. School bus and student tracking can be done easily with an advanced web interface for school transport team and native mobile applications in both iOS and Android available for parents. An edge can be provided for the school transport team to design optimal routes, auto-generate trips and assign them to buses in the predefined time window. A notification will be send to the transport team in case of any holdups by buses and opens a communication channel with drivers and parents. The tedious process of school transport management and tracking can be easily organized and managed by using Loqqat. The real time visibility of students during the school bus transit can be provided for both he school transport team as well as parents. The precise location of each bus with accurate time can be provided using professional enterprise Google API.

School Bus Routing Software:

School Bus Routing Software is a software that is used by schools and bus contractors to create and optimize routes, manage drivers, track students and vehicles.
Routing and scheduling solutions can be provided for school districts, transportation providers and other community organizations.

Features and Benefits of School Bus Routing Software:

The School Bus Routing Software has several features that can benefit the user in many ways to grow their business. Some of these include:

  • Multiple users are allowed to simultaneously view, modify and retrieve information.
  • Unlimited scenarios for 'what if' school bus transportation planning can be created and saved.
  • School bus fleet optimization can be acheived by adhering to user defined criteria while utilizing one-way roads, turn restrictions, roadblocks and height and weight road travel restrictions.
  • Detailed area maps pre-loaded with street names, house numbers, rivers, lakes, parks, etc. can be accessed.
  • Your school bus routing maps can be easily edited to add new roads, bus stops, house locations and travel restrictions such as road blocks, turn restrictions, height or weight restrictions, etc.
  • Students are automatically assigned to bus stops based on each school's user defined walk-to-stop distances.
  • Daily pick-up and/or drop-off locations can be routed for alternate addresses, such as primary, secondary, childcare and split-custody routing as students may have an unlimited number of addresses.
  • Students can be automatically assigned to unlimited pick-up and drop-off transfers.
  • Credit-card-style bus passes with or without a charge to the student can be generated that are used throughout your district for tracking attendance, ridership, library checkout and more.
  • Student incident problems can be tracked by date and driver, and print or email reports to parents and school principals.
  • Unique school calendars can be stored for each school in your district.
  • School zones can be created for redistricting and displaying school attendance and rider eligibility boundaries.
  • Historical student and school bus routing data can be saved for accurate daily reporting.
  • Up-to-date sex offender locations can be accessed with built-in nearby stop alerts.
  • Your software installation can be customized and on-site, personal training tailored to your needs can be received.
  • Quality annual maintenance and support can be received.
  • It can be integrated with GPS tracking equipment to help track bus routes or students, specifically where and how fast their vehicles are going.
  • The software helps you easily create more efficient bus routes to reduce the time students spend on the bus.
  • The expense of vehicle maintenance costs can be reduced by the reduction of miles traveled.
  • Crucial historical records can be retained to ensure your school district receives timely, accurate state reimbursements without the embarrassment of publicized audit findings.
  • Large amounts of data can be managed with ease, allowing for quick trip creation, editing and planning.
  • Driver retention rates can be encouraged and it can be made easier for drivers to bid on certain trips.
  • Schedules can be determined based on seniority and all trips can be connected with payroll software to streamline payment process.
  • It can be ensured that the pre-designated optimal and safe routes are followed by drivers with GPS data analysis.
  • Special education service levels can be improved by ensuring routes are optimized, reducing on-board times, and Medicaid reimbursements and student data regarding eligibility can be easily managed.

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