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Seeder & Seeding Machine:

Seeder & Seeding Machine is a device that is used for sowing the seeds for crops. The device does it by positioning the seed and burying them to a specific depth ensuring the seeds will be distributed evenly before getting buried. The seeds are sowed at the proper seeding rate and depth, so that the seeds are well covered by soil which prevent them drying up due to exposure of sun or being eaten by birds and animals.
The seeds can be distributed in rows by the help of a seeder. However, it is not possible to adjust the distance between seeds along the row by the user as it is set by the manufacturer. The distance between the seed is sufficient enough to get sunlight, nutrients, and water from the soil. The use of seeding machine saves time and labor cost. It also improve the ratio of crop yield.

Components of a Seeding Machine:

A seeding machine with mechanical seed metering device usually consists of Frame, Seed box, Seed metering mechanism, Furrow openers, Covering device and Transport wheels.
Usually, the frame is made up of angle iron with suitable braces and brackets. The frame is strong enough to withstand all types of loads in working condition.
Seed box:
Seed box is made up of mild steel sheet or galvanized iron with a cover. Sometimes a small agitator is provided to prevent clogging of seeds.
Covering device:
Covering device in a seeding machine is use to refill a furrow after the seed has been placed in it. Covering the seeds are usually done by packers, rollers, patta, chains, drags or press wheels, that are designed in various sizes and shapes.
Transport wheel:
There are usually two wheels fitted on the main axle. However, some seeding machine also have pneumatic wheels. Power is transmitted from the attachment of wheels to operate seed dropping mechanism.
Seed Metering Mechanism:
The process by which a seeding machine delivers seeds from the hopper at selected rates is called seed metering mechanism. Seed metering mechanism are of several types. This include: Fluted feed type, Cell feed mechanism, Brush feed mechanism, Internal double run type, Cup feed type, Auger feed mechanism, Picker wheel mechanism, and Star wheel mechanism.
Furrow openers:
Furrow openers are for opening a furrow of a seeding machine. The seed are conducted from the seed tube by feed mechanism into the boot from where they move to the furrows. Shovel type, Shoe type and Disc Type which can have either single disc or double disc are different type of furrow openers.
The furrow opener consists of tine, shovel, seed tube and boot for seed.

Advantages of Seeding Machine:

  • A seeding machine provides much greater control over the depth that the seed is planted and the ability to cover the seeds without back tracking, resulting in increased rate of germination, and increases crop yield.
  • A field planted using a seeding machine is more uniform as it is planted in rows. This allows weeding with the hoe during the growing season so that the weed can be controlled.
  • Seeds sown using a seeding machine are distributed evenly and placed at the right depth in the soil. 

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