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Site24x7 is a server monitoring software that helps you monitor your entire server infrastructure and server performance issues as well as outages. In-depth visibility into key performance indicators of your data center's mail servers, web servers, virtual servers, database servers, and more can be provided. The performance of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and OS X servers with more than 60 performance metrics including CPU, disk, memory and thread can be tracked. Install ready-to-use 50+ plugin integrations and Microsoft applications including IIS, SQL, and Exchange are available in addition to monitoring servers. Server metrics like load average, thread and handle count of processes, and more can be provided from a single console
ManageEngine Applications Manager
ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring software that provides deep visibility into the user experience and performance of the critical applications and infrastructure components of your business. Performance issues can be identified across your entire application stack quickly from the URL to the line of code with minimal overhead, and can be resolved before your customers are affected. Applications Manager can be used by organizations of all sizes to improve and automate IT and DevOps processes. Optimal end user experience can be ensured, and better business outcomes can be delivered by using this software. Critical processes of business and multi-page workflows can be simulated through Selenium based scripting of tests. Login forms, shopping carts and other applications can be optimized.
ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus
ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based reporting, monitoring, and change auditing solution for managing Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business from a single platform. Over 300 unique reports including reports on mailboxes, public folders, Outlook Web Access, and ActiveSync are featured in ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus. Customizable reports can be generated displaying message details based on keywords in the content, track room mailbox usage, and break down email response times. Real-time notifications on critical changes can also be offered. You can keep a close eye on the traffic in your organization using server traffic reports. The number of messages sent and received in your organization can be tracked by using the mailbox traffic reports.

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