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Single Phase Generator:

Single Phase Generator is an alternating current electrical generator that is used to produce a single, continuously alternating voltage.

Some facts about Single Phase Generator:

  • Power can be generated in single phase electric power systems by using a Single Phase Generator.  
  • Aapplications that are most often used when the loads being driven are relatively light, and not connected to a three phase distribution such as portable engine-generators can use a single phase generators.
  • Larger single phase generators, such as single phase traction power for railway electrification systems are also used in special applications.
  • Single phase generators are usually small in size that can be used as an alternative when main power supply is interrupted. These can also be used for supplying temporary power on construction sites.
  • Single phase generators can be used in some of the small wind turbine models with rated power outputs of up with 55 kW.
  • The single phase models are available in both vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) and Horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT).
  • Single phase AC or direct current are used in the generators at power stations in the very early days of electricity generation.
  • Single phase hydroelectricity generation is used to supply power for traction network for railways
  • One constant wave of power is delivered by a single phase systems, but the power level varies with the electrical current coming in.
  • Usually all residential power is single phase and there is never a problem powering devices in the homes as the dropping in power levels is so quick that it can not be detected by humans and has almost no effect on whatever device is being powered.
  • However, this dip could be detrimental for very large and demanding power applications. A three phase systems comes in to picture in these cases.
  • These power differences can be visualized by imagining a wave, where one single wave starts at zero, goes up to the peak point, and goes back down to zero before starting of the next wave.
  • The cost of single-phase systems are less and these are less complex.
  • Most commonly they are found in residential or rural applications where the loads are relatively small.

Features of Single Phase Generators:


  • A single phase generator consist of an armature, magnets, slip rings and brushes.
  • It is easy to produce a single phase generators.
  • These are small and compact.
  • These generators can be produced at low costs.
  • The voltage produced in a single phase AC generator is between 120 and 240 volts.

Applications of Single Phase Generators:

  • Single phase generators are usually used in residences for lighting and running small appliances.
  • These can serve the purpose in rural areas where the requirement and load of electricity is not that high.
  • These generators are suitable for appliances where a constant supply of high voltage is not mandatory.
  • These generators can be used as an alternative when the main power supply is cut off in residences and small commercial establishments.
  • Single phase generators are extremely useful in remote areas and in construction sites where regular power supply is not easily available.
  • Single phase generators can be used for supplying temporary power.
  • Single phase AC generators are extremely useful in electric locomotives for transporting passengers and goods.

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