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Tatango is a Text Message Marketing Software that can be used for political and enterprise high-volume mass text messaging. Clients those require high volume mass text messaging, with a focus on retail, restaurants, services, entertainment and political can get maximum benefit by using this software. All the text messages that are sent by Tatango are opened by highly-engaged consumers on their mobile devices. Custom workflows can be created based on a variety of subscriber actions, demographics or geo-location. You will be able to send up to 500 characters per message along with image, video or animated images.
Zingle is an all-in-One Communication Platform where you can stay connected by building trust with real-time conversation. Replies can be automated to common questions and messages can be routed to onsite staff or remote teams. Leads can be converted by responding at the peak moment of interest. Segmented audience can be carefully chosen, conversations can be opened and maintained at scale, intelligently and personally responded every time. A better channel can be provided to create loyalty with real-time conversions. Marketers can be provided a sustainable way to stay connected with robust conversation management in a single screen. An unprecedented connection can be provided for SMBs and enterprise companies with guests, members and customers across industries including hospitality, health, fitness, food and beverage and retail.
Twilio can be used by businesses of all sizes that require cloud communications solutions in over 100 different countries. Customers are allowed to communicate seamlessly by setting up keyword responses. The software helps alert your clients when they receive a new lead in their business. AI is used to enable your customer to engage with you conversationally and escalate to an agent whenever required. It is easy to configure multiple accounts for billing purposes. Your customer relationships can be strengthen by uniting communications across your entire business, from marketing and sales to customer service and operations. Every step of the customer journey can be customized with solutions like intelligent chatbots, custom account notifications, a completely programmable cloud-based call center, and more. You can find log of messaging activity and overall this is a great tool to extend your marketing messaging.

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