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Hootsuite is a Social CRM Tools that can be used by the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises across CPG, finance, healthcare, tech, higher-ed, and government services to manage social media better. you will be able to build your brand, strengthen connections with customers, and drive results business leaders care about by integrating social across your whole organization. Access can be provided to industry leading certifications, training, and coaching to help you push your results on social media further, faster. AB Testing, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Automated Publishing, Brand Tracking, Calendar Management, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Collaboration Tools, Communication Management, Competitive Analysis, Competitor Monitoring, Compliance Management, Configurable Alerts, Contact Management and Content Management are some of the features that can be included in Hootsuite.
Agorapulse is a social CRM tool that can be used by agencies, businesses and marketers to manage all their social media messages, schedule and publish content, identify key influencers, monitor social channels, and get stunning reports in a single easy to use dashboard. You can have all your comments and messages from different platforms all in once place and will be able to respond to them directly through Agorapulse. You will be able to edit copy for each platform and save your hashtag groupings. Your jobs can be made so much easier as you will be able to plan or schedule content, monitor or respond to mentions, and gain valuable insights from analytics all in one place. Brand Tracking, Campaign Management, Content Management and Social Media Monitoring are some of the features that can be included in Agorapulse.
Insightly is a leading CRM software that can be used by organizations to track everything from sales prospects to delivered projects in the same platform. It can be integrated with Gmail, Office 365, MailChimp, and other popular applications. customer data, leads, and projects at every stage of customer relationships can be managed. Sales pipeline can be monitored and performance against your sales and business goals can be measured. Activity Dashboard, Calendar Management, Calendar/Reminder System, Call Management, Collaboration Tools, Commission Management, Contact Database, Contact Management, Contract/License Management, Customer Database, Customer Support, Customizable Templates, Dashboard, Data Import/Export and Campaign Management are some of the features that can be included in Insightly.

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