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Sprout Social
Sprout Social is a social media monitoring and listening solutions that offers social media engagement, publishing, analytics, listening and reporting solutions to simplify social engagement, monitor brand mentions, track hashtags, manage multiple accounts and much more. It help you understand your audience, engage your community and measure performance. As the social analytics can be streamlined, you can onboard easily, show business results and enhance your social strategy. You will be able to simplify and strengthen your social media publishing. Visibility can be increased, responsiveness can be improved, efficiency can be enhanced and business productivity can be increased using Sprout Social.
Meltwater is an insights-driven social media monitoring platform that allow PR and marketing teams to find and respond to complaints, queries and questions about their brand. As it understand relevant trends, it help you engage strategically and ensure customer experience matches consumer expectations. Your social listening capabilities can be expanded with social monitoring and a full understanding of the latest trends influencing your social audience can be gained. Real-time insights can be provided into trending themes and data with clickable visualizations. Dashboards can be created and customized with a click of a button to seamlessly share data across your organization.
ArchiveSocial is a secure, cloud-based archiving solution using which you can remain compliant with public record laws and actively manage risk online. ArchiveSocial makes it simple to monitor all activity across your social media channels by archiving all social media posts and interactions. You can quickly get notified when certain words or activities appear on the pages of your organization with custom alerts and reporting. Monitoring for critical, time-sensitive info across multiple social accounts can be automated. The software can be used by public entities, financial, and healthcare organizations to help with social media archiving and data capture, record keeping, brand management, alerts/notifications and more.

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