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Spiral Binding Machine:

Spiral binding machine is a type of machine that is used for spiral binding of a notebook or booklet, in which the pages are fastened together by a spiral of wire. These spiral wire are coiled through a series of holes that are punched along one side of each page including the front and back covers. As pages can be easily turned and wrapped around in spiral bound books, these are gaining popularity. It can be used to create reports, books and other documents.
Usually two punching formats can be used in a spiral binding machine that include 4:1 and 5:1 pitch. 4:1 pinch punches four holes per inch of paper where as 5:1 pitch punches five holes per inch of paper. Make sure the coil supplies and machine is the same pitch while buying a spiral binding machine. Also, both pitches can not be used at the same time on a single machine. The tighter the pitch, the fewer pages you can bind. Typically, 5:1 pitch machines can bind up to 152 sheets of standard paper and 4:1 pitch machines up to 230 sheets. The type of pinch you choose depends up on personal preference. 5:1 pinch is preferred for tighter look. However, with a tighter look you can bind less number of pages.

Types of Spiral Binding Machines:

Spiral binding machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the volume being bound, spiral binding machines can be categorized as low volume, medium volume and high volume machines. These are also categorized as manual or electric spiral binding machine. The usage of a spiral binding machine totally depends on the number of books to be bind. A low volume spiral binding machine can be used in the home or for occasional binding, where as a mid volume binding is used for binding few books per day. High volume binding machines can be used to bind hundreds of books per day. The amount of paper a machine can punch at a time should also be taken in to consideration while buying a spiral binding machine. Some machines are able to punch only a few sheets of paper at once. These type of machines are preferable when you are considering the budget as these are cheap compared to those machine which can punch dozens of sheets at a time. You can simply punch fewer sheets of paper at a time when binding a thick book. However, the spiral binding machine that is capable of punching several sheets of paper at one time is recommended when there is a time constraint and more number of books need to be bind in a day.
Spiral binding machines are available with either a manual punch or an electric punch. In manual punch, a handle is pulled to punch paper while in electric punch, both hand of the person are free for binding as punching is done automatically. The type of punch you choose depends up on personal preference.
Mostly all high volume binding machines uses a motor for punching paper. The presence of an electric coil inserter in some spiral binding machine makes these type of machine a good time saver when you want to bind several books a day. This is because the coil inserter will quickly spin the coils through the holes in a book. Manual insertion of coils through the punched holes are required in most of the low to mid volume spiral binding machines

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