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Stethoscopes is an acoustic medical device for auscultation and to examine the condition of the abdominal and thoracic organs and blood vessels. It contain a small resonator which is of disc shaped and is placed against the skin. It also has one or two tubes that are connected to two earpieces. Stethoscope is generally used to listen to the sounds of the heart, lungs or intestines, as well as blood flow in arteries and veins.  It is commonly used for measuring blood pressure with the help of a manual sphygmomanometer.

Types of Stethoscopes:

There are different types of stethoscopes available depending on their functionality. These include:
Cardiology stethoscope:
Cardiology stethoscope is similar to a regular stethoscope, but it has excellent acoustic quality. A bell is commonly found in dual headed stethoscopes. But in case of cardiology stethoscope, the bell is not required as it has the ability to hear both low and high frequency sounds from the diaphragm without the bell. As it has thicker earpieces, it blocks the unnecessary noise and prevents interference with auscultation. Always consider for the type of stethoscope that has a thicker tubing and the one that is short between the earpieces and the diaphragm to maintain high sound quality while choosing a cardiology stethoscope. These are excellent device for listening to the heart beat.
Infant stethoscope:
Infant stethoscope looks similar as the neonate or the pediatric stethoscope. But it has a difference in its diameter. The chest piece can give very accurate auscultations for infants at around 2.6cm. As it is used on infants, it contain a non-latex build up to avoid allergic reactions. It is used to listen and study the heart and other sounds to diagnose physically and assess infant patients by medical practitioners and medical students.
Neonatal stethoscope:
Neonatal stethoscope is the smallest type of stethoscope used for newborn baby. It has the diameter of about 2cm that measures very accurate auscultation without noise interference from the surrounding. As neonatal stethoscope is used for newborn babies, it also feature a non-latex construction to avoid allergic reactions. It also contain a non-chill ring. Because of its smaller size, it can provide accurate diagnosis in a shorter period as it does not require any adjustments. It is used in the diagnosis and physical assessment of newborn babies.
Pediatric stethoscope:
Pediatric stethoscope looks similar as a regular stethoscope, but it can be distinguished from its color and the size of the chest piece. More accurate placement is allowed because of the small chest piece. The main advantage of this type of stethoscope is that it resembles a toy because of its unique color and can, therefore, be used to examine a child who might be frightened. Pediatric stethoscope is used to diagnose and physically asses sick children.
Electronic stethoscope:
Electronic stethoscope amplifies the sound that is obtained from the chest electronically and then convert it into electric waves. These are then transmitted through particular circuits and processed for better listening. Thus this kind of stethoscope are able to solve the sound problems. Some of them also uses piezoelectric crystals. These types of stethoscopes are of two categories. This include the amplifying and the digitizing stethoscopes. It has the ability to amplify the cardiac or the respiratory sounds and thus facilitate fast diagnosis in the case of faint sounds. They also have filters to select the various pulmonary or the cardiac sounds.
Teaching stethoscope:
Teaching stethoscope are mostly used for teaching purposes that contain single lumen tubing which is highly durable. It also has solid stainless chest piece and a dual headset. Because of this feature, it can be used by the teacher and the student at the same time.

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