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AFRICANA MBEZI BEACH, MBEZI BEACH, Dar Es Salaam, 14130, Tanzania

Storage Tank:

Storage tanks are containers used for storage of the heat or cold things like gas, oil, water, and petrochemical products. Storage tanks come in different sizes and shapes, but are often cylindrical in shape and perpendicular to the ground with flat bottoms. Usually it has a fixed frangible or floating roof.
They can also be underground and made from fiberglass, steel, concrete, stone or plastic.

Types Storage Tanks:

Storage tanks can be categorized into several types based on the type of material used and the type of substance they hold. These include:

Oil Storage Tanks:

Oil storage tanks are containers that hold oil temporarily before it is used. Oil storage tanks come in different materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, reinforced concrete, and plastic. These comes in  different sizes and shapes.These are classified as below:

  • Floating Roof Tank: Floating roof tank consists of a floating roof which falls or rises according to the level of oil in the tank. This floating roof is a safety feature for prevention of generating vapor inside the tank.
  • Fixed Roof Tank: The stored oil is not exposed in this type of tank and is used to hold oil products in lower volumes compare to the floating roof tanks.
  • Bunded Tank: Usually one more tank is used to enclose the outer tank in this type of tank. A containment dike surrounding the tank can also be used that as a catch system for preventing leakages, oil spills, or other types of oil contamination from being spread to the surroundings.
  • Single Skin & Double Skin Tanks: Single skin tank consist of one layer where as double skin tanks are consist of two layers which can be made up of plastic or steel.
  • Open Top Tank: These type of tanks are found in mining areas usually to store ore slurries. These are the easiest storage tanks to build. However due to evaporation losses and the risk of oil catching fire the use is limited in oil industry.

Plastic Storage Tanks:

Plastic water storage tanks are one of the best ways for storing water which is essential for residential, domestic, industrial, and commercial purposes. These are light weight, highly durable, and occupy less area compared to other conventional storage tanks made of cement or concrete. Plastic water tanks has become a popular option because of the greater flexibility they offer. Plastic tanks are built on the basis of the liquid type to be stored which can be either soaps, cleaning agents, industrial chemicals, waste vegetable oil, agriculture and farm chemicals, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), liquid fertilizers, potable water, or non-potable water.
These tanks are made of different materials like fiber glass materials, linear low density polyethylene, or polypropylene. These storage tanks can be used for different purpose such as industrial, municipal, residential, and commercial which comes in different shapes and size. The size may be large having a capacity of holding greater than 5000 liters of water, medium having a capacity of holding from 1000 liters to 5000 liters of water, and small having a capacity of holding less than 1000 liters.

Milk Storage Tank:

Milk tank is a large storage tank for cooling and holding milk at a cold temperature. These tanks are used for rapid cooling to a storage temperature of around 4 degree centigrade to 6 degree centigrade, and prevent further growth of microorganisms. It is an important milk farm equipment which is usually made of stainless steel and used every day to store the raw milk on the farm.

Fuel Storage Tanks:

Fuel storage tanks, also known as petroleum tanks are used to store various organic and non-organic liquids. They are also used to hold vapor as well as different flammable fluids. They are designed in various shape and size to store a variety of fuels, vapor, and industrial liquids.

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