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SalesRabbit is a home security sales app that can be used by your security sales team to manage their leads list. Lead progress, leads' current security provider, paperwork, and more can be tracked easily by using SalesRabbit. There is no risk of forgetting about a lead, or misplace paperwork as your valuable client information is stored in the cloud-based software of SalesRabbit or automatically be sent to your office. An electronic contracts for your customers can also be featured in the software to cut down your paperwork in half. You have complete visibility of your leads list with lead management, and can rank leads according to level of interest.
Verizon Connect
Verizon Connect is a system security software that can be used by organizations especially Field service companies, to eliminate inaccurate paperwork. It help gaining instant visibility into work schedules and getting information efficiently from the field to the office in real time. You will be better organised, gain Control of your schedule and make your staff more productive as well as get paid faster by using Verizon Connect. Appointment Scheduling, Billing & Invoicing, Asset Tracking, Contract/License Management, Customer Database, Cost Tracking and Customer Management are some of the features included in the software. The software can be installed in the employees car to track their location for each and every time of the day.
Kickserv is a system security software that can be used by any service company looking to eliminate paper based processes. You will be able to convert more leads; track and close opportunities better; get control of job scheduling and streamline invoicing as well as collection of cash by using this software.Complete Job Management can be done including scheduling, leads management, estimates, running Complete Jobs from the field, invoices generation, payments and more. Your service business can be simplified and managed by using Kickserv. Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Automated Scheduling, Bid Management, Billing & Invoicing and Communication Management are some of the features included in the software.

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