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T-Shirt Printing Machines:

Now a days garment decoration options include traditional screen prints, embroidery, applique, transfers and the increasingly popular digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Choosing a printing method is vital. The fact that different methods have varying investment requirements.
While you can start doing vinyl transfers with close to no capital, starting a screen printing or a DTG business will require a good amount of cash.
Vinyl printing is a simple t-shirt printing method where you cut out your designs on colored vinyl, then use heat and pressure to stick the cut-outs to the t-shirt. A Cricut machine comes in handy for cutting out designs.

Types of T-shirt Printing Methods:

Screen Printing:
Screen printing lso known as silkscreen printing or screen printing is the oldest method of printing garments. Screen printing ink is thicker than the ink used in DTG, and hence, screen-printed designs look brighter than DTG-printed designs. It has remained one of the most preferred methods as it creates vibrant and long-lasting designs. To print multi-colored designs, you have to make different screens as each screen supports just one color. This might seem time-consuming, but unlike other methods, where a template is used for just one design, each screen can be used multiple times, and that’s what makes screen printing efficient and suitable for large orders.

Direct to Garments (DTG):
It works like paper printing in the office, and to use the method, you will need to get inks and a textile printer. With computer programs like Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to define the tiniest details and transfer them to the t-shirt with a high degree of accuracy using the printer. As the ink used here is only thin, extra-thick layers will not be created. Make sure the printer is of great quality. That’s because if you use a poor-quality printer, you are likely to come up with a low-resolution print with unsightly dotted patterns.

Dye Sublimation:
This method is suited for light fabrics especially where you want to print a large design. Although it costs a lot to produce a dye sublimation, the resulting design looks very clear with a high resolution. Dye sub is the best method when you need to create awesome designs on polyester t-shirts. For sublimation to take place properly, you have to apply some heat and pressure. It brings out designs that are not only cute but also long-lasting. 

Heat Press Printing:
A special kind of paper, known as a transfer paper is used in this method to make the designs and then transfer the designs to the t-shirt using heat and pressure. In most cases, vinyl is used as the transfer paper, and it has an adhesive material on one side and a strippable tape on the opposite side.

Heat Transfer Vinyl:
This technique uses a special soft cloth that you have to cut into various shapes before transferring them to the fabric using a heat press. The heat press can be either a machine or an iron box. To cut out the shapes, you need a Cricut machine. Here, you are basically taking one image and transferring it to a different surface. 

Plastisol transfer:
This method is quite similar to screen printing, with the exception that rather than transferring the dye to screens, you transfer it to plastisol and finally to the t-shirt. 

Computer-aided Design (CAD) Cut Printing:
This  technique is used where numbers, logos, and names are being printed. Designs are created on colored vinyl using the CAD-Cut system, and these designs are transferred onto the t-shirt using a heat press. If you are printing similar designs of one to three colors, then the CAD-Cut method is perfect.

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