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Teethers is a tool that helps babies in swollen and irritated gums. It put a light pressure on the gums which helps in reducing the pain. Teethers must be sterilised to make it free from any kind of germs making it completely safe before introducing to baby. Babies Tender gums might get some comfort and relief by chewing teeether when their teeth are growing in. Most infants begin teething at around 6 months, hence you can offer teether by that time to your baby. Best Baby Teether In India are,Silicone Baby Teether Mitten,Wooden Teether Stick + Wooden Teether Ring, Baby Rattle And Sensory Teether Toy, Oreo Biscuit Cookie Baby Teether, Knobby Texture Chewy Tube Green, Baby Banana Shaped Silicon Toothbrush, Sassy Ring O Link, Yummy Berry Toy Teether.

You can choose teether considering following few things.

Type :You can find different types of teethers such toothbrushes and small toys shape teether.
Material and texture: Babies will easily insert anything in their mouth when teething, but Some babies like soft, while others prefer harder materials which may help offer added relief.
Avoid amber teething necklaces:Teether like necklaces and beads are not safe for babies as it may result in a choking or strangulation hazard.
Look out for mold: Make sure that you buy teether that can not be easily molded in baby's mouth and also should be cleaned and disinfected.

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