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Convoso is a telemarketing software that can be used by any organization who are looking to increase sales and marketing productivity. Contact and lead conversion rates can be dramatically increased with Convoso. The risk of flagged or blocking calls can be significantly reduced by using Convoso's smarter outreach strategies, DID rotation and much more. Contract rates can be increased. Call time restrictions, call logs, opt-outs, or scrubbing against DNC lists can be included to support compliance. Workflows can be automated, efficiency can be improved and business can be scaled by using this software. Businesses that relies on high uptime, efficient inbound call handling, and high live answer rate outbound dialing can use Convoso in order to meet their B2B and B2C business missions.
ChaseData CCaaS
ChaseData CCaaS is a reliable cloud-based software to boost profits which include skills based inbound Automatic Call Distribution, API integrations with popular third-party platforms, dashboards, data management and multiple optimized dialing modes. Your call center will run more efficiently and profitably with ChaseData CCaaS for both making or receiving calls. The performance of agent, supervisor, and manager can be maximized as agents can be empowered to handle calls and post-call work from anywhere. Your call center resources, work groups and data can be managed from anywhere. Real-time dashboard, reports and other metrics can be viewed using any mobile device.
Qubicles is a cloud-based contact center platform that allows you to quickly get your contact center running in the cloud - with zero upfront investment. Features like ondemand staffing, inbound, outbound, live chat, quality assurance, drag-n-drop scripting, advanced reporting, and more can be included. You will be able to begin creating inbound, outbound, or multi-channel campaigns instantly by using this software. You can setup soft phone stations and unlimited agents or supervisor logins can be created. Local or toll-free numbers can be purchased, which are available for use instantly. The open APIs and an elastic infrastructure can be quickly scaled to meet the most demanding program requirements.

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