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Gavagai is a text analytics software for insights from unstructured text data. Your customer feedback data can be analyzed in in 47 languages by using AI to find out what you should fix and what you should keep doing. You can explore what all your customers are saying in their own language. Your texts can be uploaded in Excel or CSV format and you can start getting results immediately. Time and effort can be saved by classifying and categorizing text answers from customer surveys using Gavagai Explorer. Open-ended text responses can be analyzed in minutes and you can get the results visualized in a customer insight dashboard. Uunstructured text can be easily analyzed and the insights can be explained to non-technical stakeholders using customer insight dashboard.
NLP Cloud
NLP Cloud is a production ready NLP API based on spaCy and HuggingFace transformers. The deep-learning NLP pre-trained model is suited for production and is highly available inference API. Named Entity Recognition (NER), sentiment-analysis, classification, summarization, question answering, translation, tokenization, language detection and Part Of Speech (POS) tagging can be done by using NLP Cloud. A text can be send with possible categories, and the model will apply the right categories to your text. You can send a text, and get a smaller text keeping essential information only. You can ask questions about anything related to this context after sending a text as a context. It can be determined whether a text is rather positive or negative by Sentiment analysis.
Mozenda is a Web Scraping Software and Service that help convert millions of web pages into data. Cloud-hosted software, On-premise software as well as Data Services can be provided by Mozenda. Web data extraction from any website can be automated. The software can be used by individuals and teams within companies of all sizes. Data Aggregation and Publishing, Data Extraction, Document Extraction, Email Address Extraction, Image Extraction, IP Address Extraction, Phone Number Extraction, Pricing Extraction, Text Analysis, Text Mining and Web Data Extraction are some of the featues that can be included in Mozenda.

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