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Three Phase Generator:

Three Phase Generator consist of three single phase generators that run sequentially with an offset of 120 degree between them by taking two at a time producing three waves of AC voltage in one cycle which facilitate the consistent supply of constant voltage.

Some facts about Three Phase Generator:

  • Three Phase Generator is used when the power requirement is high and constant.
  • These are mostly only required for commercial, industrial or off-grid situations as these are more expensive to both buy and maintain.
  • An automatic transfer switch is provided in a Three Phase Generator that help sense a loss of power and kicks the machine into operation in response.
  • A three phase generator can be used to power large factory equipment setups.
  • Certain types of tools and equipment such as electric kilns, lathes and screen printing machines can be power up by using a three phase generator.
  • These can be used for high load households and small businesses to distribute the power load.
  • Large size ducted air conditioning systems and mining equipment such as large drills, blasting tools and crushers can use a 3 phase generator to get reliable three phase power to keep operating.
  • A three phase generator is suitable for sites and properties that requires reliable backup or primary power.
  • Some of the home backup fixed generator models contain three phase with a power requirement above the standard 240v.
  • Commercial construction that requires substantial power supply can use a three phase generator.
  • Stationary three phase diesel models are mostly installed on heavy industry such as mining or on agricultural sites.
  • One of the stationary three phase models can be used in  a property with limited or no grid access but with substantial power needs.
  • These can also be used for commercial buildings requiring larger scale power backup such as in data centres, shopping centres, large office buildings, and residential towers.
  • The three active wires of a three phase generator are feed into the neutral wire in turn so that the power is delivered in three separate waves in sequence, but with some degree of overlap. Therefore, the delivery of power will never completely falls to zero as in case of single phase generator.
  • The supply through a three phase genertaor is more reliable and efficient as the wires can compensate for each other in a failure situation

Features of Three Phase Generators:

  • Three phase generators are powerful and efficient devices with a output voltage of 480 volts and are flexible to step up or down by using transformers.
  • Transmission advantages with thinner transmission links are provided by these generators.
  • Three phase generators are smaller, weight less and will cost lower for generating the same amount of power when compared to single phase generators.
  • Performance of these generators are good with almost no maintenance required.

Applications of Three Phase Generators:

  • Three phase generators are ideal for industrial use as high constant power can be delivered which is necessary to run industrial units.
  • These generators are suitable where requirement of power is high and constant, such as data centers and electric motors that require constant power.
  • Establishments which run three shifts and need constant high voltage to run heavy duty equipment can use three phase generators.
  • These can be used by agricultural industries as these are excellent for outdoor use.

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