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Pacific is a reservation system for tour operators of all types and sizes which is versatile and flexible. The software can be used for package tours, dynamic packaging, flights, cruise lines, bus tours and group travel. A huge variety of modules and external solutions can be connected to the core reservation system. Your current sales channels can be connected and new distribution opportunities can be discovered. More sales can be achieved with extended booking capabilities. Time to market can be reduced by user-friendly base data set-up. Time-consuming manual tasks can be automated. Your average revenue per booking can be increased by sales of additional product types and ancillaries.
Rezdy is a B2B booking platforms designed for Tour & Activity Operators that enables customers to take real time bookings online in multiple currencies, manage resources such as staff, vehicles or equipment. Overbooking can be avoided and admin costs can be reduced by keeping your live inventory always updated on all your channels. Your bikes, instructors, boats and more can be assigned and tracked with ease and peace of mind. You can asses your business performance, learn, and discover new ways of growing. Your rates can be adjusted automatically from any device, and get them updated everywhere, instantly. A fast, pre-templated, search-optimized website can be build in just one click.
Tourplan iS
Tourplan iS is a Tour Operator Software that can be used by Inbound Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and Ground Handlers Outbound Tour Operators to automate your entire business including product management, traditional and online sales, reservations and operations. Fully integrated accounts and management reporting can be provided. Complete flexibility with a modular approach can be offered which integrates product, quotes, reservations, accounts and management information systems. Your profits can be dramatically increased through the use of the Tourplan system. A comprehensive suite of user and technical documentation and support services can be provided.

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