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Treadmill is a popular aerobic exercise machine. Aside from being a versatile cardio machine, a treadmill can help you lose weight. Treadmills are available at almost every gym. If you prefer working out at home, treadmills can easily become part of your home gym, too.  A home treadmill can be a great investment, giving you more options for exercise when you're out of time, can't get to the gym, or can't get outside.
Working out on a treadmill has other benefits also in addition to helping you lose weight. For instance:
  • You can use the treadmill year-round.
  • It is possible to watch your favorite TV show while you exercise.
  • The treadmill has handrails, which is ideal if you are recovering from an injury.
  • It can help reduce your risk for heart disease and other chronic diseases, improve sleep, boost your mood, and improve brain function as with any heart-pumping cardio workout.
Treadmill workouts get pretty boring if you do the same thing all the time. Be sure to take the time to explore all of the variations .

Types of Workout Plans and Tips:

High-intensity interval training (HIIT):
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves alternating sets of high-intensity exercise and rest. HIIT workouts can be an effective way of reducing body fat and burning calories in a shorter amount of time. The idea is to work extra hard for short periods and rest between the high-intensity bursts of exercise. This burns a lot of calories, which helps contribute to weight loss. Additionally, after a HIIT routine, your body attempts to return to a normal resting state. It does this by metabolizing body fat for energy.
Find your fat-burning zone:
Exercising at your fat-burning heart rate can help promote weight loss. This zone is where you burn the most calories per minute during a treadmill workout.
While 70 percent is the average fat-burning zone, everyone is different. Some people might enter the fat-burning zone at 55 percent of their maximum heart rate, while others might need to reach 80 percent. It depends on various factors like sex, age, fitness level, and medical conditions.
You might also enter your fat-burning zone at a lower treadmill speed.
Get out of a rut:
Another strategy for treadmill weight loss is to switch up your routine. By doing a different workout each time, you can:
  • Reduce your risk for injury: Repeating the same workout is stressful on your joints. It increases the risk of overuse injury, which can set you back.
  • Avoid a training plateau: The more you do a certain workout, the less you will see results. Your body needs to be challenged to progress.
  • Prevent boredom: You are more likely to stick to you routine if you regularly mix up your workout.
Add hills:
Walking briskly or running at an incline burns more calories because your body has to work harder. It also activates more muscles, which contributes to building more lean muscle mass. This helps you lose weight, since muscle burns more calories than fat.

Minimum Specifications for a Treadmill:

Things to look for while buying a treadmill for your home include:
Belt size:
For running, the belt should be at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. If you are over 6 feet tall, you would need at least a 52-inch belt for walking and a 54-inch belt for running.
Control panel:
It should be within reach and simple to use.
The running bed should absorb shock and the belt shouldn't move around with every foot-strike.
Get a treadmill with an incline that goes up to 10 percent or higher. If the treadmill has a decline feature, that is also valuable to give a better simulation of outdoor running conditions.
Maximum weight rating:
This is a consideration if you are a larger person, and it is also an indication of the sturdiness of the treadmill. Look at the maximum user weight rating (which is optimistic) and subtract about 50 pounds for a realistic figure.
Get a treadmill that goes up to 10 mph or higher if you plan on running.
The treadmill shouldn't shake when you run or walk on it and the frame should remain stable.

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