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UPVC Windows:

UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a type of vinyl, that is widely used in the construction industry due to its versatility and flexibility to produce various shapes. UPVC is used for window and door construction. It is a safe product for the environment as it does not contain phthalates or BPA . Windows is a vital part in every home. They are not just important for ventilation but also makes the house look more spacious and let the sunlight seep in naturally.
The purchase of new doors and windows is a long-term investment for a home. Hence it has become important to choose the right one in terms of pricing and quality. Strength, ease of maintenance, durability and comfort are the key factors for making the selection. UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) doors and windows are the preferred choice among urban Indian homes and builder apartments over conventional materials like wood or aluminium.

Types of UPVC Windows:

Different Types of UPVC Windows are:
Sliding UPVC windows:
Sliding UPVC windows are the best UPVC windows for bedrooms, balconies & large openings. Sliding UPVC windows come with two horizontal sashes and rollers at the bottom for swift side movement. These are very easy to operate. Sliding windows are best windows for contemporary homes. The sliding UPVC windows also provide the homeowner with the benefit of improved ventilation & plenty of sunlight along with ease of use.
Casement UPVC windows:
It features a sash that is hinged from the side on the outer frame which provides maximum view of the outside. This makes the casement windows open both inwards and outwards, thereby allowing free air flow to the room. It provide superior noise insulation and makes the home more energy efficient. Casement UPVC windows are considered as the best UPVC windows for the  bedroom, kitchen, study room and bathrooms.
Tilt & turn UPVC windows:
Because of their safe, easy and smooth functioning, tilt and turn windows are best windows for home. It is ideal for modern homes because of the versatility in their functioning and design. Contemporary, stylish & not prone to rust, termite or fading, tilt & turn are best UPVC windows for small spaces, washroom & living room.
Villa UPVC windows:
Villa windows are a combination of substance, style, sealing & security. Villa windows are considerde as best UPVC windows for high rise apartments, living rooms and bedrooms.

Checkpoints for each component of UPVC windows:

UPVC profiles:
  • Only go for uPVC profiles that are lead-free.
  • The width of each section of the UPVC profile should range between 2.2 and 3 millmetres for stability of the window.
  • The UPVC profiles should be resistant to cracking and flaking.
  • Also you need to check that the material is flame-retardant and resistant to sustained exposure to fire.
  • Make sure that the profile is designed with a rain-track which allows the rain water to flow outwards.
UV resistance:
The UPVC windows should be resistant to UV (ultraviolet) radiation so that the windows do not discolour and get a yellowish tinge due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Specifications of glass:
Choose the glass on the basis of functionality, pricing and safety.
Sound proofing
Consider double or triple-glazed windows that significantly cut down noise from the outdoors to improve the acoustics of your home.
There should be a warranty of least 10 years on the UPVC profiles.
  • Go for double-glazed laminated windows if you want optimum security, because the glass is very difficult to break.
  • Premium quality steel which does not rust or corrode should be used for hardware such as handles, hinges, friction stays and screws.
  • Good UPVC products come with an espagnolette locking system. It consist of a flat metal strip that runs up the locking side of a window. It locks and unlocks at the turn of a handle.

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