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Risk 365
Risk 365 is an automated and collaborative SaaS platform that can be used by organizations to focus attention on risky vendors and minimize Data Breaches. Automated, paperless Vendor Assessments can be performed using pre-built or Custom standards and checklists. Your data can be kept secure and accessible as the centralized, cloud based software is securely hosted on AWS. You can quickly onboard and prioritize vendors based on their risk score with one click risk assessments. Reporting and analysis of vendor risks and benchmarking against industry standards can be completed. You can more effectively complete tasks by tracking of non-compliances and action items. Your workflow can be streamlined with rule based diligence testing and automatic notifications and reminders.
Prokuria is an easy to customize, fast and intuitive Vendor Management Software that can be used by companies to streamline their vendor management process. Cost saving procurement solutions can be provided with more efficient, faster and compliant supplier management by using tools like Supplier Relationship Management, Segmentation, Performance reviews, Onboarding, Scorecards and Contract management. Internal collaboration, alignment with stakeholders, speed of business and cost savings can be improved with Prokuria. Sourcing-to-procurement processes can be streamlined and internal collaboration among stakeholders can be improved. The performance of your suppliers can be measured and you can run periodic reviews. The engagement of your suppliers in real time and their response status for events can be tracked
Precoro is an automated vendor management tool that can be used by SMBs and Enterprises from biotech, manufacturing, construction, and other industries, who are seeking transparency of their purchasing through the full automation of the procurement process. Request, approve, purchase, track inventory, budget, manage suppliers, and report are available in one procurement software. You will be able to create invoice, create receipt and reach out to the vendor in one place. Approval Process Control, Approval Workflow, Audit Trail, Budgeting/Forecasting, Cataloging/Categorization, Compliance Management, Contract/License Management,Expense Tracking, Inventory Management, Invoice Processing, Multi-Currency, Performance Metrics, Procurement Management, Purchase Order Management and Receipt Management are some of the features that can be included in Precoro.

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