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Vinyl Gloves:

Vinyl Gloves are types of medical gloves that are made from PVC, which is a petroleum based film.

Some facts about Vinyl Gloves:


  • Disposable gloves are one of the most essential item in any healthcare environment as they provide protection from exposure to potentially dangerous microbes for healthcare providers and patients.
  • Vinyl is a synthetic, protein-free, non-bio-degradable material that is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers.
  • Vinyl disposable gloves are inexpensive to manufacture and they are less durable than latex and nitrile.
  • Limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure is offered by vinyl gloves as the individual molecules separate and the integrity of the protective barrier is compromised when vinyl gloves are stretched or flexed.
  • Vinyl gloves are commonly used in non-hazardous and low infection environments due to their low cost and low protection levels.
  • Vinyl gloves have a longer shelf life than latex gloves as vinyl gloves are synthetic and non-biodegradable.
  • Vinyl gloves come in various thicknesses with the options of powdered or non-powdered.
  • Powders have been used as lubricants to facilitate donning of gloves in powdered vinyl gloves. Corn starch is another agent that can be used as lubricant. But it was found to have potential side effects such as inflammatory reactions and granuloma and scar formation.
  • Cornstarch is used as powder inside the vinyl gloves for easily slipping the gloves on your hands.
  • It gives the wearer limited dexterity and there is a higher chance that the glove with catch and tear as vinyl gloves are also not very form fitting compared to latex or nitrile.
  • These are suitable for food service and other applications where product protection is necessary but much dexterity or tactile precision is not required.
  • Vinyl gloves are are not suitable for healthcare workers in direct contact with bodily excretions or those who handle chemotherapy drugs as these are less durable and provide weaker chemical protection than other glove materials.
  • Duration for which the glove is worn, chemicals coming into contact with the glove, handling of equipment that may stress the glove material and the fitting of the glove are some of the other factors other than the glove material that determine the level of barrier protection.
  • Always remember to choose a glove that is the correct size for your hand as poorly fitting gloves offer less protection. The correct fitting will not only provide the most comfortable fit but will reduce the chance of accidentally damaging the glove itself by keeping the gloves from falling off your hands.
  • The gloves very inexpensive to purchase as they are very cheap to make.
  • Vinyl gloves are suitable for short-term, low risk tasks where cost is a factor such as food preparation industry; medical industries such as dentistry, hospitals and beauty; janitorial industry; automotive industry and industrial industry.

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