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Voltage & Power Stabilizers:

Stabilizers are static devises to stabilize your utility voltage before feeding to the connected equipment. It recognizes the voltage fluctuations in the utility and regulates it internally to deliver a consistent range of output voltage. A stabilizer increases the utility voltage to the required level of voltage if it is low and then feeds to the connected equipment to work without troubles. This happens vice versa when a high voltage that appears in the utility line. With voltage fluctuating in both directions (up and down) can damage appliances, there by causing them to end much before their normal useful life. Electric current in the appliance increase when voltage goes down, which can result in burning of the appliance.
A right kind of stabilizer that is selected carefully can get you out of this problem. Undesirable voltage fluctuations to your electrical appliances can be prevented. Thus making its operations trouble free. The stabilizer is a safe guard between your equipment and utility. This is done by continuously monitoring and stabilizing the voltage fluctuations that appear in the utility. It ensures the valuable appliance receives a consistent stabilized range of voltage as its input for a trouble free operation and long operational life.

Tips to select a stabilizer:

Selection of a right stabilizer that suits your applications depends on factors like, power consumption range of your application and the level of voltage fluctuations that are experienced in your locality. You need to know the rating of the equipment to be protected. The ratings are generally mentioned as KW, KVA or in Amps.You will also need to know the nominal line voltage and frequency.
You need to calculate the total power consumed by your appliances when connected to the stabilizer, especially when switched on. The power consumed while switching on the appliances connected to the stabilizer needs to be understand because the appliances or device will consume double the amount of power on start-up than it does while working.

Features you should look for in a Voltage Stabilizer are:

There is always a risk of getting wet or damaged of the Stabilizer when placed on the ground or anywhere unsafe. This is why most stabilizers can be wall mounted or placed at a higher level. This is done to protect it from any damage and also protect your family, especially small children, from being exposed to risk of electric shock.
Indicators display the voltage which is regulated to supply power to the appliance. Newer models are also enabled with LED indicators.
Time Delay Systems:
This feature enables a time lapse so that the inbuilt compressor in case of a refrigerator or air conditioner etc. gets sufficient time to balance the current flow, when a short duration power cut occurs.
A lot of the latest models are digitized to make the function of a stabilizer more accurate and reliable. They adapt themselves to numerous devices. So you can shift the stabilizer from one device to another to get it to work. Most of them will also connect and adapt to generators if installed.
Overload Protection:
The overload protection feature turns off the stabilizer output completely in case of short circuit or any kind of burn-out due to overload occurs.

Types of Stabilizers:

Voltage Stabilizers are optimally designed depending on the appliance which they are going to be used for. On the basis of the energy limit and the features of a particular appliance, they can be classified. There is a certain energy limit for very appliance in our house. The concerned stabilizers are designed keeping those specific limits in mind.
The different types of Stabilizers are:
  • Stabilizer for air conditioner
  • Digital stabilizer (LCD TV/LED TV/Music systems)
  • Stabilizer for Refrigerators
  • Stabilizers for CRT TV, Music Systems
  • Stabilizers for Washing Machine, Treadmill, Oven
  • Mainline Stabilizers

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