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Banana Fibre (Economy with combing)

Banana Fibre (Economy with combing)


S.D Complex, Abhiyanta Nagar, Ashiyana,Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800025, India

Banana Fibre( Regular Without Combing)

Banana Fibre( Regular Without Combing)


S.D Complex, Abhiyanta Nagar, Ashiyana,Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800025, India

Banana Fibre (Regular with Combing)

Banana Fibre (Regular with Combing)


S.D Complex, Abhiyanta Nagar, Ashiyana,Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800025, India

Banana Fibre (Premium Light Comb)

Banana Fibre (Premium Light Comb)


S.D Complex, Abhiyanta Nagar, Ashiyana,Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800025, India

Banana Fibre (Premium with combing)

Banana Fibre (Premium with combing)


S.D Complex, Abhiyanta Nagar, Ashiyana,Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800025, India

Sheep Wool

Sheep Wool
Price : Rs 72 / Kilogram

Makebe Trading Pty Ltd

Mandela Road, Ha Mahloane , Ha Mahloane , Leribe , , Lesotho

Natural and Raw Jute

Natural and Raw Jute
Price : Rs 72 / Kilogram

Sarkar Store

Mathabhanga, Mathabhanga, West Bengal, 736146, India

Jute Yarn

Jute Yarn
Price : Rs 85 / Kilogram


6a Dr.rajendra Prasad Sarani , Kolkata, West Bengal, 700001, India


A yarn is a textile product of substantial length and relatively small cross section consisting of fibers that are arranged in a form suitable for weaving, knitting, or other form of fabric assembly such as twist and/or filaments without twist. The yarn can be twisted with single or more yarns so that added value or aesthetics can be created.

Some facts about Yarn:


  • Yarn is a continuous length of fibres which are interlocked, which are used for fabrics production.
  • Yarns are made up of fibers of finite length called staple fibers. Continuous filament yarns can also be used to construct yarns.
  • Filament yarns are smoother, more uniform, more lustrous, harsher, and less absorbent where as Spun yarns have a hairy surface, have lower luster, softer and more absorbent as well as are more uneven in appearance.
  • The short fibers can be either natural fibers such as cotton that grows in short lengths or can be synthetic fibers such as polyester that grows in a larger length and then cut into shorter staple lengths.
  • Yarns are used in crocheting, knitting, embroidery and ropemaking.
  • Animal fibres, such as wool, harvested from sheep, as well as cashmere harvested from goats, Angora from rabbits and silk from insect larvae are also often used for making yarn.
  • Yarn is composted of twisted strands of fibre when spinning. A thicker thread can be made by twisting together or pling the strands in the opposite direction. It can be either twisted as an S-twist or a Z-twist.
  • It would be considered an S-twist when the threads goes up and to the left, whereas those which go up and to the right are considered as z-twist yarns.  
  • One ply yarns also known as single yarn are usually single strands composed of fibres that are held together by a small amount of twist or or of narrow strips of material or of single synthetic filaments squeezed out in sufficient thickness for use alone as yarn called as monofilaments or made of of filaments grouped together either with or without twist.
  • Single yarns are consist of multiple short fibres and require twist to hold them together and may be made with either S-twist or Z-twist.
  • Ply yarns also known as plied or folded yarn are made by twisting either two or more single yarns together. for example, Two-ply yarn is composed of two single strands where as three-ply yarn is composed of three single strands.
  • Each individual strands are usually twisted in one direction and are then combined and twisted in the opposite direction to produce ply yarns from spun strands. Wwhen both the single strands and the final ply yarns are twisted in the same direction, the fibre is firmer which is harder in texture and flexibility is reduced.
  • Strength can be provided for heavy industrial fabrics by ply yarns. These are also used for delicate looking sheer fabrics.
  • When ply yarns are twisted together, with the twist applied in the opposite direction of the ply twist in final twist, it produces Cord yarns.
  • Cable cords can comes in an SZS form, or a ZSZ form. When S-twisted singles made into Z-twisted plies that are then combined with an S-twist, the szs form is produced.

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