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Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are garments designed to protect the health of workers or any other persons to get infected that includes  gloves, mask, gown, goggles and mask or faceshield, head cover, and rubber boots. It helps by minimizing the exposure of your body to hazardous biological agents that may cause serious health effects and illnesses due to biological, chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other hazards.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is most important in preventing transmission of the deadly virus not only in treatment centres but also various activities, e.g. cleaning, waste management and safe burials, and community care related to the outbreak.

PPE kits are used by professionals and workers in various fields, they are classified into different types depending on the nature and what they protect. Types of PPE includes -

1) PPE For Whole Body Protection:This type of PPE covers the whole body which protect from the different kinds of harms depending on the nature of work. It is made out of materials  includes flame-retardant, anti-static, chain mail, chemically sound, impermeable material etc. This is generally worn by scientists,law enforcement officials, doctors, care takers.

2) PPE For Eye Protection:Eye protection is very important as it gets infected by various kinds of infections, injuries and may cause serious damage to the eyesight. Eye wear is the protection used to reduce the risk of exposure of your eyes to biological agents or fluids, chemical splashes, laser radiation and/or debris. There are four primary types of eye protection including general safety glasses, laser safety glasses, chemical splash goggles and impact goggles.

3) PPE For Face Protection:There are various types of face protectants including Face Shield, Visors, safety helmets, bump caps, Head caps etc.

4) PPE For Hand Protection:PPE kits includes hand protectants  such as Chemically protective gloves, Nitrile gloves, Gloves with a cuff, Gauntlets and even Sleeving that covers part or all the arm.

5) PPE For Respiratory Protection:PPE For Respiratory Protection includes Filtering face pieces, Respiratory half, and full masks & Power-assisted respirators. It protects from breathing in contaminants in the air, thus preserving the health of one's respiratory tract.

6) PPE For Hearing Protection: It includes Earplugs, Earmuffs, Ear covers, Semi-insert/Canal caps, Head caps etc used by industrial workers as they are exposed to loud sounds and noises which may be harmful for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) PPE Kits Suppliers

Does PPE Kits Suppliers in Rajnandgaon provide home delivery?

Most of the PPE Kits Suppliers in Rajnandgaon do provide home delivery services. However there might be a nominal charges for home delivery services.

Do the PPE Kits Suppliers in Rajnandgaon provide bulk delivery?

Many of the PPE Kits Suppliers in Rajnandgaon provide bulk delivery services. However they might need some commitment.

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