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Refrigerators & Fridge:

 Machines that come with freezers with them are called as Refrigerator that are usually more powerful than the ordinary fridge. Fridge is the machine where the freezer is in a little section added above and comes in different sizes. Most refrigerator has two-door set, a fridge has only one door. Basically both maintain a standard temperature to preserve items. Refrigerators are the ones installed in our homes and restaurants and other commercial places. It has more cooling and freezing power than fridges. In addition, you get the freezer compartments and more space in refrigerators, which means you can actually store more items as compare to a fridge. Fridges can be seen as an addition in small bars and in hotel rooms because of their  their compact sizes.
Consider the following points while selecting the right and best refrigerator for you:
  • Space: The amount of space you have in your kitchen and also the size of your doorway.
  • Size: A small size refrigerator would be enough if you are living alone or you are newly married. However, if you are big family, then consider a bigger size refrigerator
  • Food Habits: you might need a bigger freezer space if you are into non-vegetarian.

Feature of Refrigerator:

The important refrigerator features that you should consider are:
Temperature Controls:
There should be two controls: one for the main compartment and the other for the freezer. 
Door Style:
Door styles can be a traditional single door or double door. Most of the double door refrigerators have a top freezer but few refrigerators have a bottom freezer as well. . Large capacity refrigerators have a side by side door as well where you can put both refrigerated and frozen. Having a bottom freezer is more convenient as you don't have to bend too often to open the main compartment. food within easy reach.
Shelves should be easy to remove and adjustable. This feature of the fridge is important for cleaning the fridge. you should be able to adjust the height of the shelves conveniently. Shelves should also be spill proof and side shelves should have a good height if you have large bottles.
Chiller temperature should be is close to zero degree and ideally your fridge should have a separate temperature control.
Ensure that your fridge has adequate lighting. LED lighting is most preferable one.
Child Proofing:
There should be a fridge lock so that your toddler isn't able to open the fridge easily. 

Advantages of Single Door Refrigerators:

  • They work on energy efficient technology and consume 30 to 40% less power when compared to double door or multi door refrigerators.
  • These fridges are available in compact size. so, are ideal for a family of 2 to 4 people.
  • Being small in size, they are economical.
  • As they occupy very less space, can fit into a small space.

Disadvantages of Single Door Refrigerators:

  • Main fridge door needs to be opened to access the freezer. This in turn decreases the efficiency.
  • The need of a 5-6 member family cannot be covered with a single door refrigerator.

Advantages of Double Door Refrigerators:

  • These are good for big families as these refrigerators can fit the needs of a 5 to 6 member family.
  • The separate door for freezer provides increased space.
  • Both fridge and freezer compartments have different doors which makes it easier to operate and open only the required door at the time.

Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerators:

  • As they are large in size and capacity, they are costlier when compared to single door counter.
  • Power consumption is more. Usually it is 20 to 30% more than a single door fridge.
  • As they are larger in size, fitting them in a home with small space is a difficult job.

Advantages of Refrigeration:

  • Food processing can be carried out in hygiene conditions
  • The cooling chain is maintained and it breaks the  bacterial developments
  • The system increase the shelf-life of minced meat
  • The cool cut does not modify the unsaturated fatty acids on the meat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Refrigerators & Fridge Suppliers

Does Refrigerators & Fridge Suppliers in Mapusa provide home delivery?

Most of the Refrigerators & Fridge Suppliers in Mapusa do provide home delivery services. However there might be a nominal charges for home delivery services.

Do the Refrigerators & Fridge Suppliers in Mapusa provide bulk delivery?

Many of the Refrigerators & Fridge Suppliers in Mapusa provide bulk delivery services. However they might need some commitment.

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