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Mops are great tools for keeping floors clean. The best way to clean hard floors is mopping. The the most common mop that uses a bucket to dry floor is traditional mop . But now a day, numerous other types of mops are available that specialize in cleaning even the unreachable areas and can make life much, much easier in cleaning these areas.

Types of Mops:

Flat mops:
These types of mops are usually designed for very small stains where a pad is attached at the end of the stick. The pad can picks up dirt or wet spots. These mop pads can be washed in a washing machine and reused. Flat mops are designed to clean very small areas that do not have much traffic or a lot of heavy duty cleaning, such as small office areas.
Sponge Mops:
A sponge is attached at the end of the stick instead of a pad or a cloth in sponge mops. The sponge can absorb much more than the pad, and therefore can be used in bigger areas. As the liquid from the spill can be absorbed much easier than any other mop head surface, these are more ideal for spills.
Dust Mops:
The dust mop is used as a huge broom for sweeping dust, paper, and other kinds of trash from the floor. It is done before the floor gets mopped. These are useful for cleaning up trash and dust in bigger buildings, such as warehouses and shopping centers.
String Mops:
String mops are the most common mop. This is the type of mop comes with a bucket. The mop are placed into the bucket, and then gets wrung out by whatever device wrings out the water on the bucket. As they are very efficient at cleaning massive dirty areas on a floor, these are useful for all places of business.
Strip Mop:
Strip mops have a number of uses. As the mop head has a series of strips on them that can easily remove dust from a surface without spreading it around further, they can be used for dusting when they are dry. They do more or less the same thing as a string mop when they are wet. They may not be ideal for bigger areas as they are not as massive as a common string mop. However, they are effective at cleaning offices and houses. Strip mop heads are removable and can be placed in a washing machine for washing.These can be reused.
Steam Mops:
Steam mops are provided with solution cartridges that dispense solution when a button is pressed on the mop. Then the solution sprays out in front of the mop head. As there is no need to keep a bucket around for it, the steam mop is perfect for cleaning homes and offices. It eliminates the need to have solution manually applied to them and then wrung out before being used.
Spin Mop:
Spin mop comes with a bucket, and follow the same concept as the string mop. The bucket is equipped with either a foot pedal or a hand pedal that wrings out the water and solution absorbed by the mop better than any wringer on a string mop could. Typically, spin mops are not as large as string mops. But are still very useful for cleaning a medium area, such as house.
Microfiber Mop:
Microfiber materials can absorb just as much a sponge. Microfiber mops are built the same way as a sponge mop. The only difference is that the mop head is made of microfiber, which can absorb just as much as a sponge. While a sponge is nearly impossible to clean perfectly, microfiber materials are often very easy to clean.

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Most of the Mops Suppliers in Sohna do provide home delivery services. However there might be a nominal charges for home delivery services.

Do the Mops Suppliers in Sohna provide bulk delivery?

Many of the Mops Suppliers in Sohna provide bulk delivery services. However they might need some commitment.

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