11 Health Benefits of Orange

Orange has lot of health benefits such as help boost immune system function, prevent cancer, reduce signs of aging, work as detoxifier, boost cellular repair, improve metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disease, improve circulation etc.

Updated: June 4, 2018

Oranges are sweet and juicy in test. This fruit is not only famous in India but also throughout the world. The scientific name of orange is citrus sinensis and the botanical name is citrus aurantium. Orange is one of the healthiest foods in the world and it is cultivated throughout the world.

Orange has lot of health benefits such as help boost immune system function, prevent cancer, reduce signs of aging, work as detoxifier,  boost cellular repair, improve metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disease, improve circulation, improves blood pressure, control cholesterol levels and reduces inflammation.

Nutritional value of Orange:

Orange have lot of Vitamins, Minerals and nutrition which includes Folates, Niacin,  Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc.

Orange Improves Immune System

Due to high amount of Vitamin C found in oranges, this is very much essential for our body. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant with healing properties. The other name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid which primary function is to provide a safeguard to our body by destroying the free radical because they are very harmful for our body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is one among the fundamental part of the collagen, this is important for cells repair and growth of new tissues. For better immune system we should add orange in our daily diet.

Orange Prevents Cancer

As we already mentioned above, oranges are rich in Vitamin C which is an antioxidant. The main function of antioxidant is to prevent cancer. Antioxidant helps to prevent mutate between DNA of healthy cells and cancerous cells. Therefore orange is the one of the best fruit which helps to prevent cancer. Orange also have hesperidins is a bioflavonoid also a antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory effects. It helps to reduce the tumor growth and also stimulate apoptosis.

Orange Has Detoxifying Properties

Orange is a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A , both are  strong antioxidant. Both of these antioxidant are good for our kidney health because it acts as a detoxifier of the body. Vitamin A is also very good for our eye health and also tackles the night blindness. Vitamin A can be a great remedy for muscular degeneration. Due to lot of antioxidant, vitamin and mineral, orange is good for our overall health, we should add it in our daily diet to keep our health good.

Orange Is Good for your Skin

Orange is great source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. All these components found in orange are helpful to prevent damages from free radical. As we get older our skin and other part gets damaged by free radical, thus Vitamin C is an antioxidant helps to slower that process so that you look younger than your age. Orange also helps to get glowing skin. Orange also has beta-carotene which is very good for your skin. A single orange can meet more than your daily requirement of vitamin C so for better and glowing skin eat lot of orange.

Orange Prevents Heart Disease

The main reason of heart attack is our unhealthy lifestyle and food. Because of this, cholesterol levels increase in our body. This cholesterol creates block in arteries which is one of the main reasons of heart disease. Flavonoids found in oranges like hesperidin is a strong antioxidant which prevents your arteries from getting blocked by reducing cholesterol. Due to this flavonoids presence in orange, it helps us to prevent heart attack and various other cardiovascular diseases.

Orange Helps in Brain Development

Orange helps to promote brain function due to presence of folate, also called folic acid, nutrition B9 also keep the vital organ in proper condition. All these nutrients presence in orange is also helpful for pregnant woman because it helps to prevent any type of neurological disorder of the baby.  Phytonutrients also called polyphenols content presence in oranges also help in development of learning and memory functions of the brain. So it is advisable to have orange in daily basis for better memory and better function of brain.

Orange Prevents Hair Loss

Vitamin C found in orange helps to produce collagen. Collagen is a protein which, responsible for hair growth and scalp tissue. Collagen is a natural amino acid not only good for our skin but it helps in hair growth.

Orange Prevents Diabetics

Generally people have diabetes when their body is not about to create sufficient insulin to absorb glucose in the blood because Oranges are good food for diabetic patients due to fibre and glycaemic content found in orange.  Fructose are the natural sugar found in orange help to keep blood sugar low after having the meal.

Orange Prevents Ulcers

As we already discussed above, oranges are high rich in fiber that is very useful to keep our stomach and intestines healthy. Fibers are also very helpful to prevent stomach ulcers and constipation. As per the new studies people those are having orange in their daily diet they were less likely to get ulcers problem than those were not having orange.

Orange Protects the eyes

Oranges contain large number of Vitamin A, this is one of the antioxidant which helps in maintaining healthy mucus membranes and it is very good for eye health and skin. Orange is also very rich in flavonoid antioxidants like alphas and beta-carotenes. This type of antioxidants are very helpful for lungs and oral health. Vitamin A found in orange protect against macular degeneration this is a vision related condition that causes blindness. Vitamin A also helps our eyes to absorb light.

Orange Improves Sperm Quality

Huge amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C present in orange are very much helpful for keeping you fertile by improving the quality and motility of your sperm. Folic acid is another most important vitamin which is also a vital nutrient found in orange that helps you to maintain healthy sperm. Antioxidant found in orange also helps in protecting the sperm from genetic damage which is the main cause of birth defects.

Health Benefits of Orange

Nutritional Facts Of Oranges, raw, all commercial varieties

Nutrient Unit Value per 100 g
Total lipid (fat)g0.12
Carbohydrate, by differenceg11.75
Fiber, total dietaryg2.4
Sugars, totalg9.35
Calcium, Camg40
Iron, Femg0.10
Magnesium, Mgmg10
Phosphorus, Pmg14
Potassium, Kmg181
Sodium, Namg0
Zinc, Znmg0.07
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg53.2
Vitamin B-6mg0.060
Folate, DFEµg30
Vitamin B-12µg0.00
Vitamin A, RAEµg11
Vitamin A, IUIU225
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)mg0.18
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)µg0.0
Vitamin DIU0
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)µg0.0
Fatty acids, total saturatedg0.015
Fatty acids, total monounsaturatedg0.023
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturatedg0.025
Fatty acids, total transg0.000

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