7 Health Benefits of Watermelon

There are various health benefits of watermelon. Some of the benefits of watermelon helps to prevent high blood pressure, prevent kidney disorder, prevent diabetes, prevent cancer, help to prevent heart disease and heart stroke.

Updated: February 23, 2022

Watermelon is also known as "Tarbooj" in Hindi and is a delicious fruit cultivated in many regions throughout the world with numerous health benefits. Watermelon and summer go hand in hand – who can imagine one without the other? The scientific name of Watermelon is Citrullus lanatus. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is believed that this fruit belongs to sub-Saharan Africa but now it is cultivated throughout the world. This delicious fruit is grown in almost all states of India. India ranks 28th position in the world for the production of watermelon.

There are various health benefits of watermelon. Some of the benefits of watermelon help to prevent high blood pressure, prevent kidney disorder, prevent diabetes, prevent cancer, help to prevent heart disease and heart stroke, impotence and macular degeneration.

Nutritional Value of Watermelon

Watermelons are highly rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are very useful for our health. Watermelon contains Vitamins like Folates, Niacine, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Thiamin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. It also has Sodium and Potassium. It also has some minerals that include calcium, copper, Iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Apart from this it also has Phyto-nutrients such as carotene-alpha, crypto-xanthin-beta, Lutein-zeaxanthinand lycopene.

Watermelon Helps In Kidney Disorders

Watermelons are rich in potassium which is very useful to keep our kidney healthy. Potassium helps in eliminating toxic from our kidney. It prevents concentration of Uric acid in the body. Uric acid is very harmful for our kidney. Potassium found in watermelon eliminate uric acid from our blood, thus it helps to keep our kidney healthy. Watermelon contains lots of water content which helps in urinating frequently as a result of this, all the dust from our kidney gets clean. And watermelons are highly rich in antioxidant, which help us to get good health, prevent ageing problems and gives a wrinkle free skin.

Watermelon Prevents Heat Stroke

Watermelon is very useful to keep our body cool and lower our blood pressure because of the huge amount of water content in it . As per the researcher consuming of watermelon can reduce our body temperature. Most of the people in India and all over the world consume watermelon mostly in summer season because of the cooling agent. It can reduce the blood pressure due to high amount of potassium in it,which prevents heart stroke.

Watermelon Reduces High Blood Pressure

Watermelon are rich in potassium and magnesium, both these components found in watermelon can reduce blood pressure. Potassium acts as a vasodilator, which reduces the strain from blood vessels and arteries to increase in blood flow. Carotenoids found in watermelon is the other vital components which make artery walls and veins smooth that helps in ease circulation and blood pressure. Due to the high blood pressure we face lot of health issues such as blood clots, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and strokes. It is highly recommended to consume watermelon on a regular basis those are suffering from high blood pressure.

Watermelon Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dangerous disease which is not only seen in India but throughout the world. Millions of people are losing their life because of this deadly disease.  Treatment of cancer is also very high which a normal person cannot afford. As we know prevention is always cheaper than cure. So if We should try to reduce the risk of cancer by a good lifestyle and a healthy diet.

Watermelon is a one the best for cancer prevention because it contains lycopene. Lycopene is also known carotenoid phytonutrient which helps in preventing serious types of cancers in our body such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Apart from this watermelon also contains Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant, helps in protecting from the free radicals of the body. This free radical are the main cause of cancer because free radicals are unsterilized ions, they do oxidative damage to our healthy cells. Watermelon helps in preventing cancer by stabilizing and preventing free radicals from our body to do oxidative damage.

Watermelon Prevent Macular Degeneration:

Watermelon contains Vitamin C, Beta carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein. All these components are antioxidants, which helps to keep our eye healthy and reduce the risk of macular degeneration. Antioxidants found in watermelon are very useful to prevent various types of macular degeneration issue such as degeneration, age related eyes problem like drying up eyes, optic nerves and development of glaucoma etc.

Watermelon Prevent Sexual Disorder

Watermelons are highly rich in nutrient such as arginine, which is very useful in curing erectile dysfunction, and it's also very helpful to boost libido. As for the research those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction they should eat watermelon regularly to prevent this sexual disorder.

Watermelon Helps In Weight Loss

Now a days obesity is the one of the main issues of many health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart stroke, heart attack and various other personalities related problem. Due to our bad habit of eating or living style we get affected by obesity. Watermelon can help in reducing our weight because it is very low in calories. It contains only 30 calories in 100 gram watermelon. Watermelons are also rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce our weight. Fiber helps to keep our stomach full for a longer period of time so that we eat less and also controls our urge to eat more food as overeating is the main issue of obesity. Apart from this watermelons are also rich in Citrulline content. Citrulline is a one of the most important content which helps in increasing the rate of the metabolic process and helps in weight management.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Nutritional Facts Of Watermelon, raw

Nutrient Unit Value per 100 g
Total lipid (fat)g0.15
Carbohydrate, by differenceg7.55
Fiber, total dietaryg0.4
Sugars, totalg6.20
Calcium, Camg7
Iron, Femg0.24
Magnesium, Mgmg10
Phosphorus, Pmg11
Potassium, Kmg112
Sodium, Namg1
Zinc, Znmg0.10
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg8.1
Vitamin B-6mg0.045
Folate, DFEµg3
Vitamin B-12µg0.00
Vitamin A, RAEµg28
Vitamin A, IUIU569
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)mg0.05
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)µg0.0
Vitamin DIU0
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)µg0.1
Fatty acids, total saturatedg0.016
Fatty acids, total monounsaturatedg0.037
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturatedg0.050
Fatty acids, total transg0.000

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