9 Health Benefits of Rose Apple

Rose Apple is highly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Dietary Fiber. Health benefits of rose apple include improving digestive health, good for our skin and eyes and rose apples helps in preventing Diabetes

Updated: July 4, 2020

Rose apple is a delicious fruit also known as "Water Apple" or "bell fruit" cultivated many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. The scientific name of Rose Apple is Syzygium aqueum. It belongs to the genus Rosaceae family. It is believed that this delicious fruit is native East Indies and Malaya and now it is cultivated in many parts of India, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. 

Rose apple is highly rich in various types of vitamin, mineral and other component which is very good for our health. Some of health advantages of rose apple, include helps to detoxify the liver, prevent diabetes, good for digestive health, improve the immune system, control cholesterol levels, prevent certain types of cancers, protect us from different types of fungal and bacterial infections, and also prevent fever.

Nutritional Value of Rose Apple:

Rose Apple contains lots of Vitamin, Minerals and other components. Some of the vitamins that rose apple have Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. Rose Apple also contain dietary fiber, sodium and potassium, which have lots of health advantages. Apart from this Rose Apple also contains minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulphur, Chloride, Phosphorus and Zinc. 

Rose Apple Controlling Diabetes:

Diabetes is a generous disease, if you are suffering from this generous disease then not to worry. As per the researcher Rose apple has the ability to control and prevents this generous disease if you consume this delicious fruit in a regular basis because it has natural sugar so it will not break of your blood sugar composition. Jambosine content presence in rose apple is very useful in preventing the diabetes because it has alkaloid properties which help in controlling the sugar adsorption in the blood. To control sugar level in the blood it is recommended to add this delicious fruit in your daily diet. 

Rose Apple Improve Digestive Health: 

Rose apples are highly rich in dietary fiber which is very useful for our digestive health. Fiber adds bulk to our stomach and insures the proper bowel movement. Also help with traveling the food in our digestive tract more easily and eliminate wastage from our body, thus prevent constipation and other digestion related problem such as diarrhea. Studies say that those who are eating rose apple in a regular basis, they have a strong digestive system.  

Rose Apple Prevent from Cancer:

Vitamin C and Vitamin A found in rose apple are very useful in preventing cancer from our body because it helps to fight against free radicals of our body and stabilized them not to affect our healthy cells by stopping the oxidative process. Studies say that regular consumption of rose apple can prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer because of anti-cancer contain in it.  

Rose Apple Helps to Detoxify Body:

Rose apples contain lots of water in it which is very useful to eliminate waste from liver and kidneys because it helps to promote urination and clear the toxins from urination.  By consuming it on a regular basis, it will remove all the toxins from our body and keep our body healthy and strong and also help to prevent various kind diseases. 

Rose Apple Good for Heart Health:

Rose apples are highly rich in fiber and other healthy content which is very good for our heart health because help to control the cholesterol level in our body by reducing them. Cholesterol is the main cause of high blood pressure, which is the main cause of different kind of heart related problem such as heart attack, heart stroke, irregularity in a heartbeat, etc. As for the studies, consumption of rose apple in a regular basis can help you to keep your heart healthy and prevent various heart related issues. 

Rose Apple Improve Eyes Health:

Due to the presence of vitamin A in rose apple it is very good for our eye health. Vitamin A help to improve your eye vision and help to keep our eye health healthy. Apart from this rose apples are highly rich in antioxidant properties which also help to fight against free radicals and stabilized them to do any oxidative damage to our eye cells thus prevent in macular degeneration of eye cells. Regular consumption of rose apple can help you to keep you vision good in your old age. 

Rose Apple Improve Immune system:

Rose apple has antimicrobials and anti-fungal properties which help to keep our stomach good and health. Rose apple also has vitamin c which helps to promote the production of white blood cells in our body so that our immune system can fight against the foreign pathogen like bacteria and virus and keep us disease free. As per the studies regularly consuming of rose apple can help use to keep our immune system and help us to prevent common disease like cold, cough, fever, flu, etc.

Rose Apple Keep our Bone Stronger:

Rose apples are highly rich in calcium so it is very good for our bone to keep them healthy and strong. Calcium is one of the most important mineral in our body; deficiency of calcium can lead to various types of health issue such as osteoporosis, weaker bone, etc. So to keep our calcium level in the body we have to eat calcium rich food, due to high amount of calcium content found in rose apple consuming it on a regular basis will help us to maintain the calcium level in our body. Consumption of 100 grams of rose water can provide 29 mg of calcium in our body; it helps us to improve the bone density in our body. As for the researchers consuming rose apple on a regular basis can help to keep you bone strong even in our old age. 

Rose Apple Provides Defend from Free Radical:

Free radicals in our body is very harm to our health, because it's done the oxidative damage to our body healthy cells and tissues which is the main cause of various types of issue such as macular degeneration, cancer and many more. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant found in rose apple is very useful to fight against these free radicals and protect us from oxidative harm. 

Health Benefits of Rose Apple


Nutritional Facts Of Rose-apples, raw

Nutrient Unit Value per 100 g
Total lipid (fat)g0.30
Carbohydrate, by differenceg5.70
Calcium, Camg29
Iron, Femg0.07
Magnesium, Mgmg5
Phosphorus, Pmg8
Potassium, Kmg123
Sodium, Namg0
Zinc, Znmg0.06
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg22.3
Vitamin B-12µg0.00
Vitamin A, RAEµg17
Vitamin A, IUIU339
Fatty acids, total transg0.000

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