Top Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Explore Unique Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting With J With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
JyothiswaroopTruth Lover of beauty
JoyalJoyful Person
JogedraLord Shiva
JhumkiEar Ring
JhinukSea shell Oyster
JhangimalSon of a Prawn
JethwikSelf Confidence
JerrishGod Saint
JeramBrother of Gertrude
JebabalanSon of Prayer
JayakarMine of Victory
JayadevaGod of Victory
JasmerOne who is Famous
JarnavLord of Shiva
JanmeyaThe New Born
JainandJoy of Victory
JaimeshGood Man
JaicharanVictorious Feet
JaboahDeepak Light
JitavarashayeConqueror of the ocean
JaradhishamanaRedeemer from afflictions
JaideepVictory of light
JyotikWith a flame Brilliant
JayagopalVictorious Lord Krishna
JyothishkarA kind of flower
JivandeepThe lamp of life
JaykiranRay of victory
JayaketanSymbol of victory
JayaramVictory to Lord Ram
JyothiranjanHappy Joyous Flame
JalagandhaOne of the kauravas
JaraasandhaOne of the kauravas
JitendriyaController of the senses
JitakrodhaConqueror of anger
JayadevGod of victory
JagadeepLight of the world
JagadishaMaster of the universe
JagadguruPreceptor of the universe
JagannathaKing of the universe
JaydipVictory of light
JaisukhJoy of winning
JayachandVictory of the Moon
JinabhadraA Jain saint
JitamitraVanquisher of foes
JanvijayWin over people
JasvindarLord of glory
JanakidasServant of Janki
JasevarajHeart of relation
JhinookSea shell Oyster
JaysukhJoy of winning

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