Top Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Explore Unique Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With N With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
NomitNominate for Particular Work
NithwikEverlasting Forever
NishavThe Best
NikkuRay of Sun
NihanthJoyful Never Ending
NavamaniNine Crystal
NakuleshIntelligent Person
NakshithPower of Lion
NakkiranA Tamil Poet
NagsriQueen of Snakes
Narayana SwamyLord Vishnu God
NagabhushanamGod Shankar Lord Shiva
NaagadathaOne of the kauravas
NaagpalSaviour of serpents
NessanName of a saint
NishparBoundless Unlimited Limitless
NandiGhoshMusic of Joy
NaagpathiKing of serpents
NandikeshLord Shiva Happy Joyful
NishamgyOne of the kauravas
NagrajKing of serpents
NikhileswarName of Lord Shiva
NavavyakrutiPandita skilful scholar
NrityapriyaLover of dance
NandgopalaThe son of Nand
NityasundaraEver beautiful Good looking
Nitya SundaraEver beautiful Good looking
NityasundarEver good looking
NirupeshKings of king
NishikantHusband of night Moon
NavarajTune New rule
NartanaMakes others dance
NityanandaLord Krishna Always Happy
NarsimuluName of a God
NawalkishorLord Krishna Adolescent boy
NarendranathKing of kings Emperor
NiqilesLord of all
NishikantaHusband of night Moon
NilanjanBlue With blue eyes
NeeleshbabuName of Lord Shiva
NavkunjNew garden New home
NeelkantaLord Shiva Bluenecked
NarayananTitle of Lord Vishnu
NishakantHusband of night Moon
NilayanBlue eyes boy
NeelameganLord Krishna blue skin
NavrajTune New rule

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