Top Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Explore Unique Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With A With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
AangiDecorating the God Divine
AhalyashapashamanaRemitter of ahalyas curse
AnantachidrupamayamInfinite and consciousness personified
AyyappadasSevak of Lord Ayyappa
AadithyakethuOne of the kauravas
AdityavardhanaAugmented by glory
AgnirasOne of the Saptarshi
AtmadeepLight of soul
AnutoshLight Relief Satisfaction
AgilanMan who commands everything
AgnibahuSon of first Manu
AgarvBalanced Not arrogant
AahvanAn invitation call
AarkshOf the stars Celestial
AthikayaOf extra ordinary size
ArindhamDestroyer of enemies
AnukashReflection of light Reflection
AngirasName of a sage
AbhipujTo adorn Worship
AtmaprakashLight of soul
AstritInvincible Gold Unconquerable
ArchatShining Praising Admired Brilliant
ApasyuSkilful Active Energetic Talented
AnyangCrocodile Godly Perfect Virtuous
AnimanUnbounded Omnipresent Divine
AbhijathNoble Wise Faultless Transparent
AtmakanthLover of soul
AtmajyothiLight of soul
AswathaamaSon of drone
AamodinHappy Sweet fragrant Celebrated
AbhyankName of God
AnahathLimitless Infinite Unbeaten
ArtabandhuFriend of sick
AakampanUnshaken Calm Determined
AgnihotraSacrifice offered to Agni
AshravObedient or promise Amenable
AbhjeetOne who is victorious
AanantyaEndless Eternal Godly
AnshrithName of Lord Vishnu
AnurithaEssence of ceremonial rite
AnuraagLove Affection Devotion Attachment
AshwarthGeneration Banyan tree
AthishayWonderful Successful bright
ArtatranaOther name of jaganath
AbhaidevFree of fear
AkshahantreSlayer of Aksha
AnaadhrushyaOne of the kauravas

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