Top Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Explore Unique Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With D With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
DaithyakulantakaDestroyer of demons
DooshanatrishirohantreSlayer of dooshanatrishira
DhridharathaasrayaOne of the kauravas
DhridhakarmaavuOne of the kauravas
DheerkhabaahuOne of the kauravas
Dheerodhata GunotharaKind hearted valiant
DridhakshathraOne of the kauravas
DeenabandhaveDefender of the oppressed
DushpradharshaOne of the kauravas
DharmadhyakshaThe Lord of Dharma
DhaneswarGod of wealth
DevajithOne who conquered devas
DushasanaOne of the kauravas
DussalanOne of the kauravas
DebashreeGoddess Lakshmi Divine beauty
DushtarIrresistible Inpenetrable Unconquerable Excellent
DevdharshWorshipper of God
DevarishiRishi among the Gods
DayaanidhiTreasure house of mercy
DuryodhanaOne of the kauravas
DhadhichiWell known sage
DevadattGift of the God
DevkumarSon of God
DasarathFather of Lord Rama
DroneshwarDronacharya Lord Shiva
DwarkapatiLord of dwarka
DebadattaGiven by God
DridhasandhaOne of the kauravas
DridhavarmaOne of the kauravas
DagendraGod of ways Path
DayasaraEmbodiment of kindness
DurvimochaOne of the kauravas
DhyutidharaLord of brilliance
DridhahasthaOne of the kauravas
DurmarshanaOne of the kauravas
DurvigaahaOne of the kauravas
DussahanaOne of the kauravas
DushparaajaOne of the kauravas
DushkarnaOne of the kauravas
DipanjanEye of lamp
DuraadharaOne of the kauravas
DharnendraYaksha of Lord parshwnath
DurmukhaOne of the kauravas
DurdharshaOne of the kauravas
DhrishayBold courageous and visionary
DharmapalProtector of his religion
DeerkharomaOne of the kauravas
DevapriyanDarling to God
DurjaneeyaDifficult to be known
DanavendraGranter of boons

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