Top Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Explore Unique Marathi Baby Boy Names Starting With I With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
IndrasutaSon of Indra
Isha KritikSon of Lord Shiva
IddhamShining Brilliant Sunshine
IsletArrow Light Brilliant
IlapatayeLord of the earth
IndradattGift of Lord Indra
IndushekharLike a Moon
IlashpastiLord of the earth
IyyappanLord Ayyappan Youthful
IraiyavanBlessed by the supreme
IlancheliyanFull of youthful potential
IndumatRespected by Moon
IlavalaganYoung and handsome
IndravadanLord indras name
IsaiarasuKing of music
InduhasanLike a Moon
IndradyumnSplendor of Lord Indra
InakantaBeloved of The Sun
IlamuruguYoung Lord Murugan
IlushSaffron A traveller
IdhayanJoy of heart
IshwarPowerful The supreme God
IbhyaPossessor of many attendants
IrinKing of warriors
IndrasenEldest of the Pandavas
ItishSuch a Lord
IndreshGod Lord Indra
IranaLord of braves
IhamExpected Thin Desire
IhitPrize Honor Effort Desire
IryaPowerful Agile Vigorous
IshayuFull of strength
IneshA strong king
IshnaLord Krishna Wish Desire
ItiA new beginning

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