Top Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Explore Unique Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With B With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
BhrijLord Krishna
BhoomishKing of the Earth
BaswanthProtected by Brahma
BahulA Star
BatnasiddhikaraGranter of strength
Bala SubramaniLord of Subramaniam
BhagyanandanaController of destiny
BhoolokanathanRuler of the earth
BhakthavatsalaProtector of devotees
BagyarajLord of luck
BhalchandraMoon crested Lord
BudhadevLord Sri Buddha
BrihatjyothiSon of Agniras
BrihatbrahmaSon of sage Agniras
BrihatbhashaSon of sage Agniras
BrahmaputhraName of a river
BrihatkirtiSon of Agniras
BalagovindYoung cowherd Infant Krishna
BrihatmantraSon of sage Agniras
BrihatmanSon of sage Agniras
BalachandraYoung Moon Crescent Moon
BishweshwarLord of the universe
BishwambharThe supreme spirit
BhadranAuspicious Fortunate Man
BrahamduttDedicated to Lord Brahma
BalabhadraAnother name of balarama
BelavardhanaOne of the kauravas
BanshikKing of forest Lion
BalmaniYoung jewel Small jewel
BrahmdevGods exalted Angel
BheemavikraOne of the kauravas
BheemavegaOne of the kauravas
BheemabalaOne of the kauravas
BhuvneshKing of earth
BahwaasyOne of the kauravas
BholenathKind hearted Lord
BiplavDrifting about Revolution
BhutapalaProtector of the ghosts
BalaganapatiBeloved and lovable child
BramhaghoshChanting of Vedas
Bala MuraliYoung Krishna with flute
BhagyeshLord of luck
BilahariName of a Raga
BuddhividhataGod of knowledge
BilakshyenOne having abnormal quality
BibhavasuThe Sun Fire
Bala MohanOne who is attractive
BuddhinathGod of wisdom
Bal MukundName of Lord Krishna
BalachandranMoon crested Lord

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